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Slimming: TOO FAT FOR LOVE; At 18, Sarah Brooks weighed almost 20 stone and was convinced romance only happened to others. But now she's lost an incredible eight stone - and found love. SUSANNA GALTON reports... Oct 29, 2000 611
With friends like these...; Kids' TV stars Ant and Dec - back on the box with Friends Like These - have been pals for years. But how well do they really know each other? SUSANNA GALTON puts them to the test... Oct 29, 2000 1641
Magical People: The Snake Charmer!; Got a phobia? TV hypnotist Paul McKenna claims he can cure some of them in a matter of minutes. So we challenged him to charm our writer SUSANNA GALTON to overcome her biggest fear... Sep 24, 2000 919
Famous People: Gaynor Faye - Does My Bum Look Too Big In This?; It's a year since Coronation Street's Judy Mallet was laid to rest, but actress Gaynor Faye has never been busier. SUSANNA GALTON catches up with her latest project... Sep 24, 2000 1131
Slimming People: Even My Ex-Hubby Didn't Know Me!; At a mammoth 23 stone, Mandy Robson dreamed of looking like a new woman. Finally, she found the will-power to diet - and lost so much weight that even her ex-husband didn't recognise her! SUSANNA GALTON reports... Sep 17, 2000 952
Animal People: Walking With Wolves; Far from being extinct in Britain, wolves are happily roaming the Berkshire woods - but under very careful supervision! SUSANNA GALTON took an amazing walk on the wild side to share a day with them... Pictures: MIKE MALONEY. Sep 3, 2000 1247
Little People: Parenting Page - Meet The Craziest Dad In Britain; When we asked you to help choose the winner of our Swatch Watch Most Outrageous Dad contest, Paul Banthorpe was the winner by miles. SUSANNA GALTON found out if he's really bonkers! Sep 3, 2000 288
STACEY'S NEXT GENERATION; What do you get when a famous TV mum and her 13-year-old daughter model Next clothes together? Sensational pictures - and here's the proof. SUSANNA GALTON reports... Aug 20, 2000 724
FAMOUS PEOPLE: PHILIPPA'S HOME SHOW; Philippa Forrester had a problem - a new baby on the way and a crumbly old kitchen. So we called in the experts to give the Tomorrow's World star a kitchen fit for the future. SUSANNA GALTON admires the changes... Aug 13, 2000 1279
Roller - coaster reviews: Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Aug 6, 2000 1252
OUR MODEL MUCKY PUP!; Meet our Persil Mucky Pup competition winner. She's cute, cheeky and messy - but with Persil Performance Tablets she scrubs up a treat! SUSANNA GALTON reports... Jul 23, 2000 1095
SUN SECRETS OF THE STARS; These celebrities are lucky enough to travel all over the world for their careers. So where do they go, what do they pack and what are their top tips? Here they share their secrets with SUSANNA GALTON... Jul 9, 2000 1603
SLIMMING PEOPLE: FROM BLOBBYTO BEAUTY QUEEN; Julia Lamb was so fat, her little nephew called her Mrs Blobby. Now she's five stone lighter - and a beauty queen. SUSANNA GALTON reports...; I DID IT - AND SO CAN YOU! Mar 26, 2000 1378

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