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Gallardo, Adam. Zomburbia: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel.

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Gallardo, Adam. Zomburbia: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel. K-Teen, 2014. 368p. $9.95 Trade pb. 978-1-61773-098-6.

How do you live like a normal teenager after the zombie apocalypse? For snarky high school junior Courtney, this means dealing with boys' attention, working at a fenced-in fast food joint, and selling illegal drugs derived from zombie brains, all while the undead lurk just outside. In the suburbs where Courtney lives, the rich are protected in gated communities while people like Courtney press their luck with chain link fences. Her only dream is traveling to soon-to-be-reclaimed New York City to attend college. She almost has enough drug money saved when popular jock Brandon Ikaros shows interest in her, leading Courtney into a world where parties, drugs, and bad decisions are the norm. As Courtney struggles with managing different cliques, more reports of zombie attacks crop up. Courtney is among the first to notice the zombies are different now: smarter, faster, healthier, younger. When a few bad decisions lead Courtney and her friends into a dangerous situation, Courtney must decide whether she has the guts to fight or become a zombie.

Zomburbia is filled with the typical high school drama, but Gallardo provides a fresh take on the post-zombie apocalypse. The world is not destroyed, but the challenges faced in high school are much more tense and violent. Students carry weapons, take zombie virus courses, and deal with more death. Gallardo develops Courtney with an authentic voice, and while she is thoughtless at first, she becomes a strong heroine. Teens looking for zombie action with a determined female narrator will enjoy this quick read.--Jewel Davis.

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Author:Davis, Jewel
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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