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Fight the Power: The history between presidents and the press has always been tense. Sep 1, 2019 830
What Business Are We In? To assure a successful future, newspapers must break away from the print model. Aug 1, 2019 756
Offering Balance: A journalist's job is to report, not to persuade. Jul 1, 2019 760
Cause and Effect: When violence strikes a community, newspapers should focus on the root. Jun 1, 2019 811
The Beat Goes On: As newsrooms restructure, so should coverage areas. May 1, 2019 738
STOP NAMING KILLERS: Why the press should stop giving mass shooters publicity. Apr 1, 2019 759
Going Digital-Only: Why I decided to cancel my print newspaper subscription after 40 years. Mar 1, 2019 754
Sorry or Not Sorry: How the media ought to handle 'apologies' made by celebrities. Feb 1, 2019 768
Checklist for Success: Seven resolutions for newspapers in 2019. Jan 1, 2019 738
Table Talk: How newspapers can start important conversations with readers. Dec 1, 2018 753
Taking a Look Back: The future of newspapers is found in its past. Nov 1, 2018 762
Fight for Your Right: Newspapers should invest more in First Amendment battles. Oct 1, 2018 790
Three Subscriptions, Three Lessons: What newspapers can learn from digital-only services. Column Sep 1, 2018 747
Now Recording: Seven tips for newsrooms as more consumers prefer receiving their news through video. Aug 1, 2018 809
Save This Industry: How do we stop newspapers from fading into obscurity? Jul 1, 2018 757
An Editor is Not an Algorithm: Quality journalism will always be a win among readers. Jun 1, 2018 736
Breaking Down the Issues: Start-up company, By The Bay, dives deep to explain local topics and elections. Website overview May 1, 2018 763
The Trend on Trends: Taking a look at what's in store for publishing. Apr 1, 2018 760
Show Your Work: Nine ways to regain your readers' trust. Mar 1, 2018 814
Unbroken Bond: Why newspapers should be more involved in their community as an active participant. Essay Feb 1, 2018 766
New Year Means New Changes: Publishers, there's still time to reinvent the newsroom. Jan 1, 2018 758
Pending Friend Request: Why partnering with tech companies could potentially hurt newspapers. Dec 1, 2017 837
Setting the Tone: A four-step formula for covering the Trump administration. Nov 1, 2017 787
On the Daily: If you want to connect with audiences, start building podcasts. Oct 1, 2017 735
Be honest with readers: newspapers should be transparent about their financial challenges. Sep 1, 2017 757
A free press: New Jersey introduces a fund that will support local journalism. Aug 1, 2017 729
Strength in content: seven ways to make your digital audience pay for news. Jul 1, 2017 805
Spread the good news: rooted in their communities, local newspapers are still optimistic. Jun 1, 2017 934
Going on the offense: it's time to remind readers that journalism is a noble profession. May 1, 2017 716
Back in the game: now that newspapers are seeing a rise in subscriptions, how can they hold on to these new readers? Apr 1, 2017 732
Living up to our standards: fake news is a golden opportunity for journalists. Mar 1, 2017 795
Listen up! Are you paying attention to your community's needs? Feb 1, 2017 764
Reporting on the real America: how journalists missed Trump's 'surprise win'. Jan 1, 2017 782
From both sides: five things journalists and PR people should know about each other. Dec 1, 2016 815
Keeping the focus: using data can create a better experience for newspaper readers. Nov 1, 2016 838
Finding faith: how newspapers can find new readers with a return to religion reporting. Oct 1, 2016 828
Informing the voters: what newspapers should focus on this election year. Sep 1, 2016 766
New world order: three journalists share their stories on today's job market. Aug 1, 2016 794
Leave your comfort zone: journalists need to report stories outside their circle of friends. Jul 1, 2016 796
Protecting your profit: six things newspapers can learn from business people. Jun 1, 2016 759
Time for newspapers to disrupt themselves: it's not too late for publishers to create the tools of tomorrow. May 1, 2016 781
Speaking their language: how publishers can meet millennials on their turf. Apr 1, 2016 779
Finding the right motivation: how newspapers can reclaim their drive and ambition. Mar 1, 2016 753
Help moderate the debate: how editors can regain control of website comments. Feb 1, 2016 707
Driving engagement: five ways newspapers can deepen their relationships with readers. Jan 1, 2016 801
Understanding the subject: before journalists can educate readers, they must first educate themselves. Dec 1, 2015 954
What are your qualifications? Even outside the business, a journalist's skills are unique and extraordinary. Nov 1, 2015 780
Batter up! How social media influences live sports coverage. Oct 1, 2015 915
More than black and white: newspapers have failed covering race issues. Sep 1, 2015 849
Experience inexperience: getting an early start in newsrooms helped these three journalists on their career path. Aug 1, 2015 798
Staying connected: in today's digital world, human contact should still mean something to newspapers. Jul 1, 2015 778
Newspaper Oasis: long-term planning is the key to success. Jun 1, 2015 805
Crossover talent: as the industry adapts to change, so do the skills of journalists. May 1, 2015 771
A healthy dose of optimism: some journalists are seeing sunny skies again. Apr 1, 2015 948
What's your greatest strength? How newspapers can share their assets with others and create new revenue. Interview Mar 1, 2015 740
Words of wisdom: how to apply yesterday's advice in today's newsrooms. Column Feb 1, 2015 821
What will 2015 look like for you? Here are 10 tips to help lead your newsroom. Jan 1, 2015 736
An editor with no regrets: former San Jose mercury news editor Jerry Ceppos reflects on "Dark Alliance" and the importance of accurate reporting. Dec 1, 2014 807
Wanted: motivated, talented storytellers: journalism schools prepare students for the changing industry landscape. Nov 1, 2014 804
Taking new stock: newspaper companies should operate like Main Street, not Wall Street. Oct 1, 2014 770
Blend old-time reporting with the digital kind: perhaps the best way to cover a story today is to walk the beat, with one eye on the Internet. Sep 1, 2014 781
Time for newspapers to fight: they need to defend the first amendment or suffer all that they hold vital. Aug 1, 2014 812
Giving women their due: it's past time newspapers realize the value of females as leaders in the newsroom. Jul 1, 2014 862
It's a whole new ballgame: newspaper leaders need to show their journalists how to change, and why. Jun 1, 2014 854
Blow it up and start over! It's back to the future as the newspaper audience wants convenience and personalization, along with content. May 1, 2014 651
The spacey story of newspaper people: State of the Newspaper meetings can help bring everyone back to earth and understand what it takes to succeed. Apr 1, 2014 734
The left-column conversation: an honest exchange about the problems that exist between departments can help a newspaper tackle tough problems. Column Mar 1, 2014 810
The Monday morning quarterback: if I could go back and do it over again, here's what I'd do as an editor and publisher. Feb 1, 2014 924
Changing places: print journalists jumping to websites: what newspapers can do to stem the tide. Jan 1, 2014 867

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