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Galileo Technology Drives Convergence of Voice, Video and Data Traffic in Internet Access Equipment.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 17, 2000

GT-96100A and GT-96101A Advanced Communication Controllers First to Support Full Wire Speed DiffServ Quality-of-Service for Voice-over-IP

and Internet Video Conferencing

Galileo Technology (NASDAQ: GALT) today announced the GT-96100A and GT-96101A, the newest members in the Horizon(TM) Family of LAN/WAN Communications Controllers. These system-on-a-chip devices will form the core of next-generation multi-service edge routers and remote access equipment that merge the functions of LAN-to-WAN routers, voice-over-IP gateways, network security equipment, and remote access concentrators. The GT-96100A and GT-96101A will now enable these systems to offer end-to-end Quality-of-Service for applications that run at the edge of a network with the integration of hardware support for Differentiated Services (DiffServ).

"We are witnessing an explosion of applications that allow phone calls to `ride for free' over existing IP networks. Further, video conferencing is now commonly used for conducting business between remote sites. Next-generation broadband equipment must efficiently handle time-critical Internet traffic, or else voice and video applications will not provide the necessary fidelity for the end-user, resulting in poor market acceptance," stated Thad Omura, senior product marketing manager for Galileo Technology. "Converged network equipment designers require silicon components that provide hardware support for Quality-of-Service to achieve today's market requirements."

DiffServ Support in the GT-96100A and GT-96101A

Diffserv is an aggregate traffic handling mechanism designed for use in large routed networks, such as the Internet. The GT-96100A and GT-96101A integrate a specialized, wire-speed, hardware engine that automatically classifies incoming IP packets according to their time-priority. Internet access systems use this classification to switch and route packets that carry phone conversations and video teleconferences ahead of low-priority packets that carry file transfers and emails.

"As more and more time-critical applications are carried over broadband networks, DiffServ has emerged as a key enabler to wide-spread proliferation of voice and video convergence in the Internet," stated Ronen Boneh, product line director for Galileo's Internetworking Products Group. "Hardware support of DiffServ in Galileo's Horizon Family addresses key Quality-of-Service requirements enabling this family to be a well-positioned solution for next generation, multi-service access routers."

GT-96100A and GT-96101A Features

The GT-96100A provides all of the interfaces required to bridge the LAN with the Internet infrastructure and combines most of the common functions found in multi-service access routers into a single chip including:

-- System Controller Unit - 64-bit MIPS CPU interface, 100MHz

SDRAM and device controller, PCI bridge, four general purpose

DMA controllers

-- WAN Packet Processor Unit - eight 55Mbps multi-protocol serial

controllers, 16 serial DMA engines, and four Flex-TDM time

slot assigners

-- LAN Interface Unit - two Fast Ethernet MACs including a packet

filtering and quality-of-service engine

The GT-96101A, similar to the GT-96100A, is used to increase the number of WAN ports in systems such as DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs).

Price and Availability

The GT-96100A and GT-96101A are offered in a 100MHz and 83MHz commercial version (an industrial version is planned for release in the future). Samples of the GT-96100A and GT-96101A will be available later this quarter, with production quantities available in the fourth quarter. 10K Unit pricing is $119.50 for the 100MHz GT-96100A and $98 for the 100MHz GT-96101A. The EV-96100A-5271 (with QED RM5271 CPU) and EV-96100A-7000 (with QED RM7000 CPU) evaluation platforms are $3,495.

About Galileo Technology

Galileo Technology, a market leader in communications systems on silicon, is one of the semiconductor industry's fastest growing suppliers of complex, high-performance, integrated circuit devices serving the needs of the LAN, MAN, and WAN markets. Galileo is organized around two principal product groups: Internetworking Products, consisting of system controllers and WAN communications controllers, and Switching Products, which consists of switched Ethernet controllers and switched PoS/ATM controllers. Galileo's products form the heart of many advanced communications systems built by leading OEMs, such as Accton, Alcatel, Cabletron, Cisco Systems, D-Link, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lucent, Marconi, NBase Communications, and Nortel Networks.

Galileo employs more than 275 people worldwide and has business headquarters in San Jose, California and R&D headquarters in Manof, Israel. For more information on Galileo, call 1-888-GALTEK-1 or visit its website at

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