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Galaxy Carbon Dioxide Analyzer.

ONIX Process Analysis have introduced the Galaxy Quality Assurance System for the analysis of impurities in the carbon dioxide obtained as by-product from ammonia and fermentation processes.

Recent scares over the quality of carbon dioxide gas used in the soft drinks industry have heightened awareness of the need to analyze for potential contaminants that could affect the taste, odour and appearance of the final product.

This new Galaxy system has been designed and packaged specifically to meet the requirements of manufacturers and users of beverage-grade carbon dioxide and the regulatory requirements of the International Society of Beverage Technologists, the European Industrial Gases Association and the Compressed Gases Association.

Galaxy offers four primary measurements to levels specified by ISBT: Total sulphur by pulsed UV fluorescence or paper tape analyzer; Total volatile hydrocarbons by non dispersive infra-red or flame ionisation detector; Total aromatic hydrocarbons, also by PUVF; and Moisture. Other measurements, such as the oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide assay can also be added, say Unicam Chromatography of Viking Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge, tel: 0195 478 5200.
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Title Annotation:ONIX Process Analysis Inc.
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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