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Gains and losses mostly single-digit.

The fiscal year 1986 budget proposal is not bullish on social and behavioral research, but it does contain some individual funding increases.

The total budget for the Alcohol, Durg Abuse and Mental Health Administration is slated for a 4 percent cut from FY '85, to $886 million. Research, however, would be largely spared. The President wants a 5 percent raise for drug abuse research, to $68.5 million and also nearly 5 percent more for alcohol-related research, to $52.6 million. Mental health research would drop by 2 percent, to $191 million. In a replay of an unsuccessful attempt last year, the administration wants to cut all funds for training mental health clinicians and operating mental health screening programs. St. Elizabeths Hospital, a federal mental institution in Washington, D.C., would receive $42.4 million, a drop of about $6 million, in a continuing effort to transfer responsibility for its financial survival to the District.

But at the National Science Foundation (NSF), support for social and economic sciences would jump 19 percent over FY '85, to $34 million. The money is aimed largely at promoting economics research to aid political decision-making. Cognitive science -- particularly research on teaching and learning processes -- and anthropological research would receive slight increases, to $11 million and $7.3 million respectively. As with the FY '85 budget, only 5 percent of the NSF total would be directed toward social and behavioral work.

Cuts of about 7 percent are proposed for two institutes within the National Institutes of Health that fund behavioral research on aging and child health. Money for these projects will be divvied up after a final budget is approved.
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Title Annotation:federal budget on social and behavioral research
Author:Bower, Bruce
Publication:Science News
Date:Feb 9, 1985
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