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Gainful employment.

Gainful Employment

Number of doctors per 10,000 population in San Marino (ranked   474
first in the world)

In Cuba (second)                                                 59

In Monaco (third)                                                58

In Saint Lucia (fourth)                                          52

In Greece (fifth)                                                50

Number of secondary school teachers per 10,000 population in    163
Liechtenstein (first)

In Azerbaijan (second)                                          152

In Uzbekistan (third)                                           144

In Kazakhstan (fourth)                                          123

In Lithuania (fifth)                                            122

Number of active-duty soldiers per 10,000 population in North   460
Korea (first)

In Eritrea (second)                                             398

In Israel (third)                                               238

In Brunei (fourth)                                              175

In Lebanon (fifth)                                              171

Number of lawyers per 10,000 population in the United States   37.7
(ranked first in the world)

In Brazil (second)                                             30.7

In New Zealand (third)                                         26.3

In Spain (fourth)                                              25.4

In Italy (fifth)                                               20.6

Number of prisoners per 10,000 population in the United        75.6
States (first)

In Russia (second)                                             62.9

In Rwanda (third)                                              60.4

In St. Kitts & Nevis (fourth)                                  58.8

In Cuba (fifth)                                                53.1

SOURCES: Doctors: World Health Organization. Teachers: World Bank.
Soldiers: Center for Strategic and International Studies, Jaffa Center
of Strategic Studies. Lawyers: Various, including bar associations.
Prisoners: International Centre for Prison Studies.


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