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Gain an Insight into the Various Aspects of Religion and Law.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Law and Religion to their offering.

This volume consists of nineteen previously-published articles written by leading international scholars on various aspects of religion and law. The volume looks at religion and law in the context of political power, covering different religions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It examines through a diversity of perspectives the law in religion and religion in law, enabling readers to gain multi-disciplinary insights into pressing contemporary issues.

About the Author/Editor

Gad Barzilai is Professor of International Studies, Law and Political Science, trained mainly in law & political science. He is currently based at the Jackson School of International Studies & Comparative Law and Society Studies Center in the University of Washington, USA. His previous book was awarded the Best Book Prize by the Association of Israel Studies. Barzilai has published more than 110 articles and sixteen books and edited volumes in leading journals and publishing houses. He has offered perspectives and theories for better understanding of law, politics, and dispute resolution. He is now working on developing a macro theory on law and politics in global comparative history. Barzilai is on the Board of Trustees of the Law and Society Association, served at the Board of the American Journal of Political Science, and was the Founding Director of the International Dan David Prize.

Topics Covered

Series preface


Part I Religions as Sources of Human Rights: The morality of human rights: a nonreligious ground?, Michael J. Perry (1997)

The metaphorical reciprocity between theology and law, Paul Lehmann (1985)

From the trial of Adam and Eve to the judgements of Solomon and Daniel, Daniel Friedmann (2002)

Christian natural law: the spirit and method of, Giovanni Ambrosetti (1971)

Religious foundations of law in the West: an historical perspective, Harold J. Berman (1983)

Law and religion in contemporary Islam, Noel J. Coulson (1978)

Characteristic features of Islamic law: perceptions and misconceptions, Mahdi Zahraa (2000)

Part II Religions as Traditions of Law: Obligation: a Jewish jurisprudence of the social order, Robert M. Cover (1987)

The Chinese conceptions of law: Confucian, legalist and Buddhist, Luke T. Lee and Whalen W. Lai (1978)

Hindu conceptions of law, Ludo Rocher (1978)

A conversation with Tibetans? Reconsidering the relationship between religious beliefs and secular legal discourse, Rebecca R. French (2001)

Consensus and suspicion: judicial reasoning and social change in an Indonesian society 1960-1994, John R. Bowen (2000)

Cultured technology: the internet and religious fundamentalism, Karine Barzilai-Nahon and Gad Barzilai (2005)

Part III Religions and Human Rights: Conflicts: Female circumcision: religious practice v. human rights violation, Jessica A. Platt (2002)

Behind the veil: womens rights in Islamic societies, Nayer Honarvar (1988)

Rights, religion and community: approaches to violence against women in the context of globalization, Sally Engel Merry, (2001)

Nomos and narrative, Robert M. Cover (1983)

Disorderly differences: recognition, accommodation, and American law, Austin Sarat and Roger Berkowitz (1994)

Are human rights universal?, Shashi Tharoor (1999)

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