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Gain an Insight into the Usage & Consuming Behaviors of Chinese Digital Home Users.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of China Consumer Attitudes Toward Home Networking to their offering.

Since 2005, the digital home market in China is attracting more attention than ever before, and an increasing number of players from IT, Telecom, and CE sectors are beginning or planning to join the digital home market; therefore, the most critical issue now is to understand end-users' concerns regarding digital-home and related applications. This consumer attitudes research report provides primary data regarding both current and potential digital home users on the above mentioned topics.

This report analyzes our mass survey results on home users conducted in 2006, specifically the usage and consuming behavior of both current and potential China digital home users, including: usage behavior, purchase pattern, and their perception on new applications for the digital home. Based on the above study, the report concludes with our recommendation on how to target digital home users in China.

Topics Covered

Executive Summary



Survey Results

Market Penetration of Home Networks

User Profiles

Age Profile of Home Network Owners

Residence Profile of Home Network Owner

Owners' Pre-tax Income Profile

Primary Method of Connecting to the Internet

Usage Pattern

What Do Users Adopt Home Networking For?

What Connectivity Technologies are Preferred?

Why Not Choose WLAN to Build a Home Network?

What Networking Devices Have Been Installed in the House?

How Much Have You Spent on Home Networking?

Purchasing Behavior

What Factors Influence Home Network Purchasing?

Where to Purchase Home Network Devices?

Who Are Preferred Home Network Builders?

When Do You Plan to Purchase a Home Network?

Interests in Entertainment Applications

Connecting TV to Your PC or a Media Server to Watch Video

Connecting PC to Stereo System to Listen to Digital Audio Files

Connecting TV to a PVR or PVR-STB to Record TV Programs

Connecting Game Consoles to TVs or PCs to Play Online Games

Connecting Electrical Appliances to a Central Console for Remote Control

Conclusion & Recommendations

List of Tables

Table 1. Incidence of Home Networks in Different Tiers of China Cities

Table 2. Total Cost of Home Network Devices for Respondents Aged 25-34 (In US Dollars)

Table 3. Home Network Building Plan Comparison

Table 4. 25-34 Aged Respondents' Interests in Connecting a TV to a PC or a Media Server To Watch Video

Table 5. 25-34 Aged Respondents' Interests in Connecting a PC to a Stereo System to Listen to Digital Audio Files

Table 6. 25-34 Aged Respondents' Interests in Connecting a TV to a PVR or an STB to Record TV Programs for Later Watching

Table 7. 25-34 Aged Respondents' Interests in Connecting Game Console to TV or PC to Play Online Games 26

Table 8. 25-34 Aged Respondents' Interest in Connecting Electrical Appliances to a Center Console for Remote Control/Home Automation

List of Figures

Figure 1. Consumer's Interest in Entertainment Applications

Figure 2. Penetration of Home Networks Among Respondents in 2006

Figure 3. Home Network Owner Respondent Base Share by Age

Figure 4. Home Network Installations by Type of Residence (Apartment Sizes in Meters2)

Figure 5. Monthly Income of Home Network Owners and Non-owners (in US Dollars)

Figure 6. Primary Internet Access Method for Home Network Owner and Non-Owner Households

Figure 7. Primary Reasons for Owning a Home Network

Figure 8. Preferred Home Network Connection Methods

Figure 9. Reasons for Not Choosing WLAN

Figure 10. What Home Network Device Are You Currently Using In Your House?

Figure 11. What Home Network Devices Would You Like to Choose If the Price was Acceptable?

Figure 12. Total Cost of Home Networking Devices (In US Dollars)

Figure 13. Key Influential Factors on Home Network Devices Purchasing

Figure 14. Purchasing Channels of Home Network Devices

Figure 15. Who Would You Choose to Build Your Home Network?

Figure 16. When Do You Plan to Build a Home Network?

Figure 17. How Interested Are You in Connecting Your TV to Your PC or A Media Server to Watch Video?

Figure 18. How Interested are you in Connecting your PC to Your Stereo System to Listen to Digital Audio Files?

Figure 19. How Interested are You in Connecting Your TV to a PVR or STB to Record TV Programs to Watch Later?

Figure 20. How Interested Are You In Connecting Your Game Console to Your TV or PC to Play Online Games With Your Family?

Figure 21. How Interested Are You in Connecting Your Electrical Appliances to a Central Console in Order to Control Them Remotely?

Figure 22. Primary Purposes of Internet Accessing

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