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Gaiman, Neil and Reaves, Michael: The Silver Dream.

Gaiman, Neil and Reaves, Michael

The Silver Dream

HarperCollins, 2013, pp250, 12.99 [pounds sterling]

978 0 00 752343 6

Although the name of Neil Gaiman is prominent on the cover, to me the style does not read as might be expected from familiarity with his usual range of writing; it is a sequel to Interworld from the same team.

The novel is narrated by Joey Harker, sixteen years old and a Walker, a traveller between dimensions. Joe has just returned to Base Camp, from a mission through the In-Between. Joey's companions at Base Camp are versions of himself from different planets, dimensions and realities; their task is to protect the Altiverse from the evil power of Hex. However, Joey's mission is judged a failure by the Old Man, his superior, because a stranger has followed his team back to Base Camp--Acacia Jones. Acacia's identity and intentions provide some of the plot development; she is revealed to be a Time Agent, working for TimeWatch, an organisation dedicated to protecting the future. If Acacia decides that an individual endangers the timestream, she eliminates them.

The fates of Joey and Acacia become linked and after much interdimensional travel and action the novel ends with a cliffhanger episode in which Joey and Acacia face the evil Lord Dogknife before becoming separated. Will Joey return to Interworld? Will he find Acacia again? A sequel is planned.

The novel will appeal to fans of science fiction, particularly those who have read the first novel in the sequence, Interworld. A character guide is included and is an indication that the novel is more concerned with ideas than developing characters.

Review Editor's note: Interworld (13) arrived as a paperback together with this hardback copy of The Silver Dream: HarperCollins, 7.99 [pounds sterling], 978 0 00 752342 9.

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Author:Bennett, Sandra
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Date:Sep 22, 2013
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