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Addiction protection: vaccinating against opioid drugs may offer relief from a dangerous habit. Jul 9, 2016 3063
Fat as a fixer: adipose tissue is a natural storehouse of healing cells. Mar 19, 2016 3218
He stress, she stress: scientists puzzle over why men and women react differently to pressure. Jan 23, 2016 2136
Multitaskers do worse on tasks that require focus. Report Nov 14, 2015 192
High-fat diet's negative effect on memory may fade. Brief article Nov 14, 2015 251
Noshing on nano: the tiny particles in what we eat raise big questions. Oct 31, 2015 2805
Aggression avenue: tracing how the brain is wired for violence. Mar 21, 2015 2665
Bacterial healers: microbes can redeem themselves to fight disease. Nov 1, 2014 2481
T-force: reprogrammed immune cells emerge as weapons in the body's disease-fighting arsenal. Cover story Jun 14, 2014 2969
Grape expectations: climate change is already transforming the wine industry. Feb 8, 2014 2825
The inconstant gardener: microglia, the same immune cells that help sculpt the developing brain, may do damage later in life. Cover story Nov 30, 2013 3021
Familiar faces: "super recognizers" never forget a visage, an unusual ability that can be put to good use. Sep 7, 2013 3029
Memories lost and found: drugs that help mice remember reveal role for epigenetics in recall. Jul 27, 2013 3202
Permanent Present Tense. Book review Jul 27, 2013 293
Of mice and man: the lab mouse is being remodeled to better mimic how humans respond to disease. Mar 23, 2013 3137
Into the fold: flat structures pop into 3-D forms, yielding miniature robots and tools. Dec 15, 2012 2333
As told by the egg: the story of fertilization, from the female point of view. Sep 8, 2012 2855
Defying depth: how deep-sea creatures, and close relatives, survive tons of water weight. Cover story Jun 16, 2012 2592
Furry friends forever: humans aren't the only animals who benefit from having someone to count on. Report Apr 7, 2012 2717
Jars of plenty: ancient Greek trading vessels carried much more than wine. Dec 17, 2011 1450
A spitting image of health: how saliva can help doctors diagnose disease. Cover story Nov 19, 2011 2754
Singled out: how to study cells, one by one. Oct 8, 2011 2723
Mind-controlled: linking brain and computer may soon lead to practical prosthetics for daily life. Cover story Jul 2, 2011 2641
Going under: scientists find clues to how anesthesia numbs the brain. May 21, 2011 2715
Cerebral delights: the amygdala, a part of the brain known for its role in fear, also helps people spot rewards--and go after them. Feb 26, 2011 2710
Physicists join immune fight: principles beyond biology may help explain how the body battles infection. Report Jan 15, 2011 2925
The unusual suspects: with no obvious culprit in sight, geneticists do broader sweeps to identify autism's causes. Oct 23, 2010 2976
More than a feeling: emotionally evocative, yes, but music goes much deeper. Aug 14, 2010 2421
A pregnant question: how antidepressants may subtly alter a growing baby's brain. Jun 5, 2010 2739
Obama adviser weighs 'the rightful place of science'. Jun 5, 2010 785
How the Internet will change the world--even more. Interview Apr 10, 2010 768
Starting anew: scientists turn to lowly creatures to unlock the secrets of regeneration. Feb 13, 2010 2860
Humans wonder, anybody home? Brain structure and circuitry offer clues to consciousness in nonmammals. Dec 19, 2009 2350
The mesmerized mind: scientists are unveiling how the brain works when hypnotized. Oct 10, 2009 2561
When humor humiliates: for gelotophobes, even good-natured laughter can sound a lot like ridicule. Aug 1, 2009 3035
Living physics: from green leaves to bird brains, biological systems may exploit quantum phenomena. May 9, 2009 2559
Cosmic mystery: high-energy invaders from space could signal a nearby pulsar, or perhaps dark matter. Feb 28, 2009 1999
Team spirit: working together, bacteria and other microbes can accomplish much more than they can alone. Now scientists hope to harness that ability by engineering their own microbial consortia. Jan 17, 2009 2624
Sting operation: scientists use bees and wasps to sniff out the ellicit and the dangerous. Sep 27, 2008 2429
Eugene Spafford: protecting the Internet from the criminal element. Interview Sep 13, 2008 786
Thanks for the future memories: to the brain, remembering the past and visualizing the future look surprisingly similar. Jun 21, 2008 1902
Supercool, and strange: scientists are finding clues about why water is so utterly weird. Cover story Jan 26, 2008 2633

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