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Gagging to see the back of Nicholson.

Byline: Carole Malone

I'M wondering how much contempt, public ire, ridicule has to be heaped on David Nicholson before he gets it... that everyone wants him out of the NHS. Not next year at a time of his choosing. But now! But still he refuses.

Doesn't he understand that whatever reputation he had is now in the toilet, that the Government, not to mention the British people, think he's not just a duplicitous fool, but an incompetent one as well? Last week it was revealed that having told a Commons Committee he knew of only one gagging order, it turns out there were 52 of them and PS2million of taxpayer's money has been spent stopping NHS employees telling us their concerns about patients' safety.

We also discovered that PS14.5m has been paid to doctors, nurses and managers to keep their mouths shut about stuff that could actually be killing patients? So how safe does that make you feel knowing there are medics and managers out there who can be bought off... even though it means the people we love might die as a result? So why doesn't Nicholson just shove off now and let the recovery of the NHS begin? Why can't he see he's an embar rassment and that the public blame him for the culture that led to the needless deaths of 1,200 people at Mid Staffs? Because hanging on for grim death to his powerful job knowing he'll never have another one like it makes him look weak and pathetic? This isn't just a Man with No Shame. It's a man who appears to be blind, deaf, dumb and stupid when it comes to how the British people see him... a hellish reminder of everything that's rotten in the NHS.

And now police have launched a criminal investigation into what happened at Mid Staffs he may regret not going sooner.

Because if he's still at the helm when they're finished asking questions, he might just find the cops who will be talking to NHS top brass need a high profile, hate figure upon whom to dump responsibility.

And a bloke likes Nicholson... who gets paid big bucks precisely to take responsibility (PS270,000 a year in his case) might just be in their sights.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2013
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