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Gagging for more after live laugh-in; Club: Jongleurs.

Byline: Alison Young

IF COMEDY is the new rock 'n' roll, then Jongleurs is the new Barrowlands. Funnily enough, it's even on the site of Glasgow's old rock venue, The Apollo.

Live, stand up comedy has seen a revival recently, but to watch it usually means you have to sit among a crowd of braying students who'll fall off their chair at the cracking of an egg, never mind a gag - not an amusing experience.

Then again, it brought a smile to my lips when I heard that sad, scrape-the--barrel Jim Davidson's contract might not be renewed at the Beeb.

So, is there a middle way between comedians stuck in the '70s and save-the-world stand-ups who deliver a sermon with every gag?

Enter Jongleurs, the superclub of stand up. Bringing punchlines to the people, Glasgow is the Scottish outpost of Britain's 14 Jongleurs venues. A theme pub where they cater for your funny bone as well as your thirst, they supply a good night out of all-round entertainment, including food, drink and a couple of hours of comedy followed by a couple of hours of dancing.

In the basement of the new cinema complex tower, it's fitting that Jongleur's decor looks neo-cinema foyer. A large bar space gives you the opportunity to get into a good mood, but is far enough away from the comedy action so that a chat with your mates doesn't end up in a heckling match with the performer.

The seated comedy zone is near the stage - a sea of tables where you can get your laughing gear around a bar food-type menu.

The tables can accommodate even the biggest crowd of mates - that's part of the plan, so that instead of going to the latest TexMex for your staff night out, with half the party getting lost later on the way to a club, you can hole up here where it suits all ages. Bear in mind the comedic content can get risque.

Drinks can be served in jugs or buckets, minimising the amount of bobbing heads you see wandering past the stage during the acts.

Stock up, sit back and expect three very different, quality acts in one evening.

From local comedians to well known international stand ups, the bill changes most nights and the standard is good.

Which is why if the food is run of the mill and the dancing at Club Fromage a bit cheesy, going back time and again will always be good for a laugh.

Jongleurs, UGC Building, Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Box Office: 0870 787 0707

Open: Thurs, Fri & Sat, 7pm - 3am. Last entry, 8.15pm

Entry: Thurs, pounds 6; Fri & Sat, pounds 12

Club news

Social welfare

IT'S Sunday Social time again at the Arches in Glasgow as the popular chill-out club returns.

And it's back with a a difference.

So popular was the collage of sounds, screens and scenes, that the club has now invented the Sunday Social Brand - and will apply it to weekdays with that laid-back Sunday Social feel. First up is The Herbaliser featuring Wildflower on March 1.

Sole brothers

GLASGOW dance pioneers Solemusic will launch their latest album with a party at the city's CCA on April 6.

Featuring Dego 4 hero, Felix Hines, Stevie Sole Middleton and Million Dollar Dosco with Al Kent, the night should be a blinder.

Entry pounds 10.

Massive attack

M8, Last Exit and special guest funkster Norman Jay will host a massive free party tomorrow night.

It's going off at Cube, on Queen Street, and promises to be huge.

For ticket details call 0141 226 2400.

Up the workers

THOSE working on the other side of the bar in clubland need to have their chill time too.

And Workers' Wednesday at The Outhouse In Edinburgh offers these poor over-worked souls - whether you're a barman, kitchen flunky, DJ or promoter - the space to chill-out with some fine tunes.
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Date:Feb 23, 2002
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