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Gadgets for the sleep-deprived.

Summary: A good night's sleep is a must but, often, hectic routines play spoilsport. Here are a few devices that can help you get some.

A good night's sleep is a must but, often, hectic routines play spoilsport. Here are a few devices that can help you get some.


There are many new-age wearable bands that track your sleeping pattern based on the hand movement, but they are far from being accurate. Zeo Sleep Manager Pro does the job perfectly. It has a headband with three forehead sensors and a small electronic module attached to it. There are apps available for the iOS and Android platforms that collect data over Bluetooth. Once paired with the smartphone, wear the headband, which requires two hours of daily charging, to doze off. One can visit the Zeo website to learn more about what to eat and how to relax to improve sleep.

Price: $99


An eye mask that helps calm the mind, relax the body and improve sleep. Like most other eye masks, it blocks light completely. It also has soft points of blue lights embedded in the cupped eye cover. After putting it on, you need to gaze at the soft pulsing blue lights. As you focus on them, they draw you away from the recurrent thoughts that keep your mind preoccupied. Once you start following the light, you will feel like closing your eyes and as the light starts fading you will end up sleeping. A perfect travel companion, it is well padded and provides cushioning around the eyes.

Price: $25


The Sleep Infuser is based on an audio technology that uses natural soundscapes, such as ocean waves, rhythms of steam trains and cocoon environments, to help block background noise and distractions. The soundscapes have a pattern of low pulses with a discreet hum. The company says the pattern works on the brain without interfering with the cognitive and sensory faculty and gently coax the brainwave patterns to induce sleep. The Sleep Infuser has an intelligent timer system that can vary the intensity of the sounds.

Price: $499


The Holi SleepCompanion is a smart bulb with 20 light sources that helps you fall asleep. The bulb is designed to synchronise with your body's biological rhythm to generate the right intensity at the right moment. It is measured using a smartphone app that analyses sleep patterns. The lamp can even wake you up by softly increasing the intensity of the light. This bulb can replace the nightstand lamp.

Price: $99


The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a small, lightweight box that projects soft blue light to help one relax within minutes. It is a seven-minute pre-sleep exercise: breathe in as the blue light gets bright and exhale as it softens. The company says that you are likely to doze off by the time the seven-minute session is over. The gadget is ideal for those who have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to go back to sleep again.

Price: $49.95

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Publication:Money Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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