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Gadget man `shells out pounds 8,000 on toys'.

Byline: By Catherine Baker

The true cost of male consumer technology is revealed

The price of being a thoroughly modern man was yesterday costed at more than pounds 8,000.

With gadgets such as plasma screen TVs and portable MP3 players now considered essential, the cost of owning a technology arsenal of toys that will make you the envy of friends is pounds 8,420.

Consumer technology magazine Stuff have listed what they consider the top gadgets that every modern-day man should own in 2004, with prices ranging from pounds 50 to pounds 4,500.

And a shock victim of gadget fashion is the palmtop computer, ranked second last year but out of the 2004 top 10.

Top of the list is the Nokia 6600 mobile phone with Blue-tooth wireless technology, costing pounds 50 with a new contract.

Second is the pounds 250 Apple iPod pocket-sized MP3 player, which allows users to listen to music downloaded from their computers.

Third - and most expensive - is Pioneer's pounds 4,500 PDP-434HDE plasma screen TV.

Fourth is Pioneer's NS DV990 home cinema system at pounds 650, while the Sky+ personal video recording system, costing pounds 250, is at number five.

Other items include a digital camera, games console, wireless laptop computer and a Seiko wrist watch.

Stuff says the market for gadgets primarily aimed at men is worth about pounds 4.5b a year.

They predict the success of the Apple iPod will be rivalled next year by a new portable Sony PlayStation, giving users the power of a sophisticated games console in their pocket.

Tom Dunmore, editor of Stuff, said: "Gadgets have come of age. They are as important to the modern man as his clothes and car.

"The great thing about the digital revolution is gadgets aren't limited to one function. So now phones can play music and an iPod can store your diary.

"All we are waiting for now is a gadget that combines the iPod's music capacity and a mobile phone, so you can download any song you fancy wherever you are."
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2004
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