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Gadget designed to dampen boater distress.

Recreational boaters may now be able to dodge damage that is caused by underwater hazards, such as rocks or submerged wood. A new product--called the Blackfin Skeg that was launched by Re: The Outdoors of Birmingham, Ala.--can be installed on most boats in an hour or less.

The Skeg, available in three sizes, is made of a durable composite material that is attached by means of special adhesive. This provides a flexible barrier against the walls of the keg, say designers, which in the event of an unwanted impact distributes force in all directions.

It retains its shape "through the innate memory of the composite which is aided by the adhesive makeup," says a spokesman.

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Title Annotation:TECH TALK
Comment:Gadget designed to dampen boater distress.(TECH TALK)
Author:Williams, Robert H.
Publication:National Defense
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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