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 SARATOGA, Calif., Jan 3 /PRNewswire/ -- GYRATION Inc. today announced the signing of a manufacturing license agreement with Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. for the manufacturing rights of GYRATION's miniature gyroscope products in Japan. In addition, this agreement provides Shinano Kenshi a minority equity investment in GYRATION. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
 "GYRATION and Shinano Kenshi have a great deal in common. Shinano Kenshi, a 75-year-old firm based in Nagano, Japan, has experience in the manufacture of CD-ROM drives and electric motors which both require the type of high production tolerances necessary in producing gyroscopes," said Thomas J. Quinn, chairman and chief executive officer of GYRATION. "Both companies stand to learn a lot from one another. In addition, this new alliance will allow GYRATION to serve many of the larger Japanese manufacturers that prefer to rely on a local source for product."
 "The application of gyroscope technology in the automobile navigation market alone promises to grow exponentially," said Motoaki Kaneko, executive vice president at Shinano Kenshi. "A number of well-known Japanese companies are planning car navigation systems that will require gyroscopes of a new order in terms of small size, light weight, power and versatility. GYRATION's GyroEngine fulfills these new requirements. We will work side by side with GYRATION's U.S.-based manufacturing operations to produce GyroEngines in volume and support this burgeoning market."
 Gyroscopes measure and track the movement of objects. The objects can then be stabilized, realigned or redirected depending on the application. Industrial gyroscopes, which cost thousands of dollars and are typically bulky in size and weight, are used primarily for navigation in airplanes, ships and missiles. GYRATION's miniature optically based spin gyroscope, called GyroEngine, was created for use in consumer electronics and industrial applications. For a fraction of the cost of an industrial gyroscope, the GyroEngine, which was announced in October 1991, is designed for new consumer-based applications such as automobile navigation systems, television remote controls, multimedia computer products and stabilization platforms for video cameras.
 Japanese-manufactured GyroEngines will be available in the third quarter of 1994. Shinano Kenshi will also produce the miniature gyroscopes for GYRATION's GyroPoint, a presentation pointing device for computer applications. GYRATION will continue manufacturing in the United States to preserve its leadership role in the development and production of gyroscopes.
 Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. is a privately held manufacturer of precision products with production facilities in Japan, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. Founded in 1918, the company's mission is to adapt to the changes in the domestic and international markets.
 GYRATION Inc. designed the world's first miniature optical spin gyroscope for use in the consumer market. The company's mission is to provide this technology to a wider range of industries and applications than those which exist today. Founded in June 1989, GYRATION is privately held and based in Saratoga.
 -0- 1/3/94
 /CONTACT: Laurie Schuler of GYRATION, 408-973-7078; or Motoaki Kaneko of Shinano Kenshi, 0268-42-2818/

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Date:Jan 3, 1994

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