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Guidance Software, Inc. has unveiled Tableau Password Recovery, a powerful solution that accelerates brute force, dictionary-based password attacks to unlock protected files. By helping investigators access encrypted and locked files, the appliance expedites time-sensitive investigations and prevents them from becoming stalled or incomplete. The product was developed through a collaboration with leading vendors Passware and Digital Intelligence, Inc.

Recently, there has been an increased push for encryption with several high-profile technology companies announcing plans to broaden their efforts to encrypt files. Hundreds of applications currently support encryption and it is becoming more sophisticated and secure. However, this technique can create obstacles for law enforcement officials, e-discovery teams and digital investigators. With Tableau Password Recovery, investigators are able to access protected files as well as retrieve a file's corresponding password, which they can use in other aspects of an investigation.

"The inability to examine the contents of encrypted files and documents becomes a major obstacle to digital investigations," said Dmitry Sumin, president, Passware, Inc. "We are excited to provide Passware decryption technology developed specifically for Tableau Password Recovery. This is a major step in providing computer investigators with a comprehensive decryption solution that is both effective and easy to manage."

Key benefits include:

- Seamless workflow The solution integrates with EnCase Endpoint Security, EnCase Forensic and EnCase Discovery, providing users with an efficient workflow and the ability to conduct comprehensive digital investigations in a timely manner.

- Energy efficiency The Tableau Password Recovery device, made by Digital Intelligence, Inc. a forensic hardware, software and service provider, leverages an energy-efficient design and is powered by four Tableau Accelerator programmable hardware units and Passware Kit Forensic, a leading password recovery software. Tableau Password Recovery consumes the same amount of energy as a typical workstation, helping organizations prevent power outages and hardware failures.

- Enhanced forensic capabilities This solution can be used to unlock a variety of password-protected file types including Office 2007, Office 2010, PGP messages, WinRAR and WinZip.

Our extensive background working with law enforcement agencies and digital investigators has provided unique insights into the challenges they face, said Michael Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Guidance Software. In order to successfully conduct comprehensive investigations, it's critical to access the relevant data and files accurately and cost-efficiently. The Tableau Password Recovery appliance will help security, e-discovery and forensic professionals using EnCase to simplify and accelerate the process of identifying, unlocking and re- engaging password protected files.

Tableau Password Recovery is available immediately. Pricing for the appliance starts at $9,999 US per system, which includes four Tableau TACC accelerator cards, 32 GB RAM, 256-GB SATA III solid-state drive and a 1000 megabits-per- second Ethernet adapter.

Additional information on Tableau Password Recovery can be viewed online at:

About Guidance Software, Inc.

Guidance Software is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in endpoint investigation solutions for security incident response and forensic analysis. Its EnCase Enterprise platform, deployed on an estimated 25 million endpoints, is used by more than 70 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 45 percent of the Fortune 500, and numerous government agencies to conduct digital investigations of servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Built on the EnCase Enterprise platform are market-leading cybersecurity, IT help desk, and electronic discovery solutions, EnCase Endpoint Security, EnCase Remote Recovery + and EnCase eDiscovery. They empower organizations to conduct speedy and thorough security incident response, reveal previously hidden advanced persistent threats or malicious insider activity, recover lost files, perform sensitive data discovery for compliance purposes, and respond to litigation discovery requests.

For more information, visit or call 626/229-9191.
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Date:Jul 1, 2015

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