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 WEST GREENWICH, R.I., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- GTECH (NYSE: GTK) announced today that the company is part of a consortium which has been formed to bid for the operation of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom. Four leading British companies, Cadbury Schweppes plc, De La Rue plc, ICL and Racal Electronics plc, together with GTECH, comprise Camelot Group plc. Each company possesses skills, resources and experience relevant to meeting the complex requirements of establishing a national lottery by the end of 1994.
 Camelot announced its formation and composition to members of the British press and financial community earlier this morning in London.
 Three of the companies in Camelot have worked with GTECH in previous lottery ventures, and all members of the consortium hold premier positions in one or more of the disciplines necessary to create the United Kingdom's first National Lottery in over 150 years:
 -- De La Rue, which is the world's largest high-security printer and has been involved in the lottery industry for more than 20 years, will manage security issues as well as supply instant tickets and other printed materials for Camelot.
 -- Racal Electronics is a global leader in electronic communications and will provide technology and services for the extensive communications network required by the National Lottery.
 -- ICL, a world-class technology company and computer manufacturer, will provide technical, manufacturing and field service expertise to Camelot.
 -- Cadbury Schweppes, which is new to the lottery industry, is a leading company in confectionery and beverages and will devote their experience in merchandising consumer products, as well as their extensive point-of-sale presence in the U.K., to the marketing of lottery product.
 De La Rue Racal, Cadbury Schweppes and GTECH each hold 22.5 percent of the shares in Camelot, and ICL holds 10 percent.
 Serving 62 government-authorized lotteries, including 15 in Europe, GTECH is the leading provider of computerized lottery systems in the world. The company has maintained an office in London for more than two years, from which it has monitored legislative and commercial developments related to the National Lottery and extensively prepared with its partners for a joint venture bid.
 Legislation to create a National Lottery in the United Kingdom is pending before Parliament and is expected to receive final passage later this fall. The U.K. Government's Department of National Heritage (DNH), which is overseeing the lottery, is expected to solicit proposals later this year. The lottery could be operational before the end of 1994. Under the legislation being contemplated, the DNH will award a license under which the successful bidder will install and operate all aspects of the lottery with the exception of proceeds allocation which will be managed by the DNH.
 In commenting on the opportunity in the United Kingdom, GTECH Chairman and CEO Guy B. Snowden said, "The establishment of the U.K. National Lottery represents one of the most significant and complex challenges in the 20 year history of the computerized lottery industry. Though the bidding will be highly competitive, we believe that the unique needs of the United Kingdom will best be met by offering the best and most relevant companies in British industry, supported by the world's leading lottery expert. Camelot is poised to meet the challenges of creating what is likely to be not only one of the largest lotteries in the world, but the largest single consumer product in the United Kingdom."
 GTECH designs, produces, implements, operates and services computerized networks for government-sponsored or licensed lotteries on five continents. In addition, GTECH provides a wide variety of instant ticket support services. GTECH currently has contracts to supply and/or operate lottery systems for 26 U.S. customers and 36 jurisdictions outside of the United States.
 GTECH's lottery business employs approximately 3,200 people worldwide, including approximately 1,000 people in Rhode Island.
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