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GSP Plus status from EU must for survival of textile sector: PRGMEA.

Karachi -- Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) have urged the government to form a joint consultative forum on war footing basis on the issue of GSP Plus status from the EU.

The Central and Zonal Chairmen PRGMEA, Shehzad Salim and Atiq Kochra, in a communique to the ministries concerned have said that getting GSP Plus status from the EU is absolutely vital for survival of the entire textile sector in particular and for all export related industries of Pakistan, in general.

They said that we are very appreciative of the efforts made by ministry of commerce, ministry of textile industry, and the Foreign Office for the implementation and ratification of all the clauses which are mandatory for getting GSP Plus. However, going forward they feel that many pitfalls await us in getting this GSP plus status. A strong coordination/ consensus is required between all the government functionaries, i.e. ministry of commerce, textiles, foreign office etc. and very importantly the private sector to ensure that nothing goes wrong in this regards.

They said PRGMEA, therefore, feels that a broad based forum, with representation from public and private sector, has to be initiated on war footing to review the progress on GSP Plus, analyze obstacles / hindrances and take appropriate action to counter any negative campaigning by our competitors, so that successful implementation of GSP Plus as prescribed now by the EU can be implemented.

"We feel that this forum is of vital importance because we do not want to encounter the same problems as faced on the issue of EU trade concession on over 75 products, all over again", they said adding that it have been well over one and a half year since these concessions were announced and still we don't know when the same will be implemented."We feel that we had to face so much opposition over 75 products on a package announced for just three years, so how can we expect smooth sailing over the issue permanent duty-free access on all our products to the EU", they showed concern.

According to Shehzad and Atiq, it will be naive to think that India, Bangladesh and all other least developing countries will let us go scot-free over duty-free access for Pakistan's exports to world's largest market. For sure we will face resistance and should expect that other countries will not give a single inch on this issue. We therefore feel that a unanimous front has to be organized, comprising of all the relevant ministries, Pakistan's Mission to the EU and all the sub-sectors to the textile chain.

According to Shehzad and Atiq there have to be put-up a united front as delay or failure is not an option on this vital issue. The government should immediately constitute this forum for joint consultative strategy formation.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Apr 10, 2012
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