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GSO available on Web.

In March 2006, the General Specifications for Overhaul of Surface Ships (NavSea S9AA0-AB-GOS-010), or GSO, as it's more commonly known, went on the World Wide Web. It's available at GSO/gso_main.asp.

As noted by Paul Horacek, the GSO program manager at Naval Sea Systems Command (NavSea), "Putting GSO on the Web has made Sailors' jobs a little easier when it comes to surface ship overhaul, maintenance or repair." They can download the most current version of the section they are interested in and know they have the most up-to-date version. They also can track a record of change for each section, receive real-time updates of individual sections, and have access to a combined, searchable document.

The basic GSO and Aegis supplement no longer are published and forwarded via CD-ROM. However, the nuclear supplement remains and is forwarded as hard copy CD-ROM because of security requirements. Requests for copies of this supplement must be made to Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Code 223. Call Annette Huber at 757-396-2272, or send an e-mail to:

New users of the GSO module first must acquire an account through the SEA04RM/ 05N website at maintenance/Sea04M/04m2Home.asp and associate it with their valid PKI certificate before they can access the module. Uniformed and civilian Navy personnel can obtain more information on obtaining a PKI certificate at pki or by contacting the Navy PKI help desk at 1-800-304-4636, DSN 588-4286, e-mail:

NavSea contractors can find PKI information on Verisign's website at security-services/pki/index.html. Otherwise, contractors should contact their local PKI resource for support.

Help in navigating the online GSO is available on the Web page through the help-guide link.

Adapted from a story on the Navy Newsstand.
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Date:Dec 22, 2007
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