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GS1 France and 1SYNC(TM) Synchronize the French Market.

1SYNC[TM] customers now have GDSN Connections with the Local French Market

CHICAGO -- GS1 France and 1SYNC today announced their collaboration to enable direct standardized global data synchronization through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) between 1SYNC customers and the local French market.

This collaboration enables one point of entry into the GDSN assuring global reach to trading partners by using one global Data Pool, thereby eliminating the need for trading partners to be a member of multiple Data Pools.

Currently, four prominent French retailers representing a portion of the thriving French retail market - Leclerc, Systeme U, Cora Hypermarkets, and Match Supermarkets are successfully utilizing the interoperability connection between the GS1 France Data Pool (Parangon) and the 1SYNC Data Pool to exchange data with global suppliers including Georgia-Pacific, Vania Expansion, Nestle and Nestle Waters.

Didier Chaugne, GDS Project Manager, Lucie, the buying organization of Systeme U and Leclerc, said, "Lucie has always been committed to data sync and strongly believes in the Global Data Synchronization (GDS) standards which are operational today. We can now receive real-time benefits from this interoperability capability".

GS1 France and 1SYNC worked together to create standards-compliant local attributes such as tax information and item invoice information that are required by the French trade in order to make this interoperability connection possible. As a result of this collaboration, thousands of new items will be added to the network and to the GS1 Global Registry[R] which is a single repository where core item data is registered.

Highlighting their views on this collaboration, Menouar Lounes, Master Data Manager, Provera, the buying organization for Cora Hypermarkets, and Match Supermarkets said, "We strongly support this effort. Thanks to the standards, we are now able to quickly synchronize supply chain data. This is the first phase and we are working on leveraging the recent price standards for price and promotion synchronization."

The benefits realized by these implemented suppliers and retailers include a shortened time frame for publishing item data, reduction of manual process, and assurance of high quality data, among others.

Pierre Georget, CEO, GS1 France said, "This collaboration demonstrates the readiness of the French market to synchronize its data via the GDSN. It also proves that the global network enables interoperability between global (1SYNC) and local (Le Parangon) Data Pools. By doing so, GDSN enables the small and medium enterprises to be part of the global supply and demand chain. The key reason for this successful implementation is the commitment of the trading partners to the GS1 standards. Today, most retailers in France have active plans for GDS implementation in 2007 because they know the infrastructure is now ready."

When discussing the collaboration between 1SYNC and GS1 France, Bob Noe, CEO, 1SYNC, said, "This interoperability connection was established to support our customer community's needs. We have ensured that this collaborative effort is completely aligned with the standards and is a tremendous demonstration of interoperability via the GDSN."

About 1SYNC

1SYNC[TM] is a newly-formed subsidiary of GS1 US[TM]. 1SYNC offers a range of data synchronization services that eliminate costly data errors, increase supply chain efficiencies, and promote the advancement of next-generation technologies, such as the Electronic Product Code[TM] (EPC). GS1 US is a not-for-profit member organization of GS1 and is dedicated to the development and implementation of standards-based, global supply chain solutions. 1SYNC is headquartered in Lawrenceville, New Jersey with offices in the U.S., Brazil, and UK. Visit for more information.

About GS1 France


GS1 France is a member organization of GS1. GS1 offers a diversified portfolio of products, solutions and technologies, including the GS1 System of standards, to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains. GS1 also offers a wide range of services to help businesses use these standards and technologies. GS1 operates in more than 20 industries and sectors, including Retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Health Care, Transport & Logistics, and Defense. Visit for more information.


LUCIE is the strategic alliance engaged between the two leading French independent retailers, Leclerc and Systeme U. LUCIE is also the buying organization for Leclerc and Systeme U. Systeme U has 876 stores in 3 formats: Hyper U (52), Super U (676) and Marche U (148). In 2006, the provisional turn over is expected to reach 15,6 billion euros. Leclerc now represents 549 stores with 44 of these stores in international markets. The turn over realized in 2005 was 23,2 billion euros and the hypermarkets stand for 90 % of the global park.


PROVERA is the buying organization for Cora hypermarkets and Match supermarkets. These 2 banners represent 63 hypermarkets and 173 supermarkets in France (metropolitan France and the Antilles-Guyana). They also represent 51 neighbourhood stores in the Antilles-Guyana.

PROVERA is part of the Louis Delhaize Group, also present in Europe with other banners in France like Truffaut, Animalis and Houra.
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Date:Nov 30, 2006
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