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GS1 Databar font package.

ConnectCode Pte Ltd has announced a new barcode font package (v5.0) that supports the GS1 Databar family of barcodes. The GS1 Databar is a family of barcodes based on the ISO/IEC 24724:2006 specifications to be used with the UCC/EAN system. The barcode is intended for encoding the identification numbers of items and their supplementary data. It is more compact and can carry more information than the current EAN/UPC barcode and is thus capable of identifying small items more easily.

The release of the font package is in line with the GS1 mandate for all trade-item scanning systems to achieve the capability to read GS1 DataBar bar codes and GS1 Application Identifier System by January 1, 2010. This is also known as the GS1 global sunrise date.

The barcode fonts that are supported in the new package are as follows:

GS1 Databar 14

GS1 Databar 14 Truncated

GS1 Databar Limited

GS1 Databar Expanded

A barcode font is a specially designed font that allows you to specify and generate barcodes using normal text characters. Working with it is as simple as installing the font, loading up a text editor and entering the text for the barcodes.

The versatility of a barcode font makes it easy to enable barcodes in office suites and many third party applications that support text display by just a simple installation of the fonts.

The new barcode fonts are built upon a solid foundation that is already used by many fortune 500 companies around the world.


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Title Annotation:Focus On: RFID + Barcodes
Publication:IDMi (Information & Document Management International)
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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