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GRRLS POWER; So you thought the Spicers were 'ard? BOB LOW finds the Net has tougher grrls.

You might think the Spice Girls are the last word in girl power, but they are just the tip of the Net spiceberg.

There are parts of the world where Mel B and Mel C are thought to be vitamin supplements.

Out on the Web, there are sites devoted to women in music - and the Riot Grrls Rule here.

The Riot Grrls like DIY female-dominated garage-bands, so this forum keeps them in touch and gets their views out to the world.

Who are Riot Grrrls? Well, any babe with attitude, really, from Honor Blackman in Avengers' leather to Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe and beyond.

The Riot Grrls of Austin, Texas is a Website with links to other Riot Grrls and the bands they love - which include Bikini Kill, one not to be missed.

If you thought Mel B was scary, you just haven't had a look at Tobi in action. CollegePark/Quad/2701/

There are other grrls out there, though and you can find some of them on The ChickRock Pages.

There's a Must-Haves link, to girls-in-the-hood such as Tori Amos, Bjork, Melissa Etheridge and others, plus new grrls on the up- and-up, whom you probably haven't heard of yet.

Done by an Ohio chick called Amy, who has her own local radio show on the subject, it also has her personal pick of the month - this month its Holly Palmer. Holly who?

Stick around and remember you heard the name here first... spears_a/chickrock.shtml

The Girls of Rock is another Website with attitude, though it downloads more depressingly slowly than a Tanita Tikkaram single.

But it covers a lot of ground, includes Garbage and features, this month, Pieces Of Jewel, a band causing a storm in the US.

Once the site gets to grip with image mapping they'll be good to visit. moseisleyt/girls/rock.html

THE best site around would undoubtedly be She's Got The Beat save for the fact that the She who started it has beat it - last update was June, 1996.

That said, it covers a broad spectrum of women in the music biz, from artists to radio DJs, backroom girls and beyond

But it is getting out of date. pawF94/femme/lafemme.html

The Spice Girls have an official site courtesy of Virgin where, for reasons which escape me, you can delve into the Spice Girls pencil case.

Looks good, has all the latest snaps, info, samples, news and info, though if you hold your breath for the length of the downloads, you will expire first. spicegirls/ pencilcase.html

On the other hand, the Multimedia site is a waste of Spice, consisting of promises, a QuickTime video and a couple of group photos. Presumably they will soon have a decent Website. But if it ain't ready, why do it? spice/mmedia.html


You have the computer, the modem and all you need now is a way on to the Internet.

Enter the ISP (Internet Service Provider) rubbing his hands and offering to sell you space, one owner, used by a little old lady who never took it out of the PC.

There are now more than 200 ISPs all over Britain, so picking one isn't easy. There are, however, some guidelines.

Each ISP has an access node called a point of presence (POP).

That's where you start paying the phone bills, so make sure it's local.

Once you've picked an ISP and established the POP is local you need to work out what you want to do with it all.

You'll want to send e-mail, probably lots of it.

You'll want to get to the World Wide Web, the sexy happening end of the Internet and will probably want Usenet, the 20,000 subject newsgroups forum.

This should cost you a set-up fee of around pounds 25 to pounds 30, plus a flat-rate monthly bill of about pounds 10 to pounds 20. Plus a suddenly large phone bill!

Make sure the ISP supports modems speeds of at least 28,800bps and that they supply all the relevant software.

Here a few ISPs to try:

AOL (America On Line): 0800 279 1234

COMPUSERVE : 0800 289378.

MSN: 0345 002000

DEMON: 0181 371 1234

UUNET PIPEX: 0500 474739

VIRGIN NET: 0550 558844


Solving the enigma of e-mail

Try tackling this

IF you ever wanted to go head-to kneecap with a feared rugby player nicknamed Rhino, now's your chance.

Jonah Lomu Rugby, however, is likely to keep you out of hospital.

This is a rugby game that plays as well as the best soccer games for your Playstation.

Codemasters are the people who brought us Pete Sampras Tennis and Brian Lara Cricket, so they know what they're about.

You can choose from one of the 32 international teams, playing friendlies, tournament or Five Nations Championships - against the computer or with up to three friends.

Despite the naturally stop-go nature of rugby, the action on this disc is flowing and fast.

There's enough console control to make that vital pass , but that doesn't mean that this disc is easy - far from it.

This is easy to pick up, impossible to put down and a challenge to master.

All this playability is helped along by large, clear and crisp graphics and full sound and music, complete with commentary from Bill McLaren and Bill Beaumont.

Codemasters really have pulled off a minor miracle - Jonah Lomu Rugby is one of the best sports games to yet appear on the Playstation.

9 out of 10

Published by Codemasters

Check out Codemasters web site at



Sony Playstation

Fancy an additional track shaped like a car then set the game to medium and win the championship season. If you now go back to the menu screen you'll see that there is a new track option. Excellent.


Sony Playstation

TRY any of these to jump you forward: TXXXXC; SSXTSS; CSXXSX; STXSCX; XXCTCT.


Sega Saturn

If when you are watching a replay, and hit B, Y, B as soon as the disc starts you will be able to control the camera angle by moving the D-Pad around.
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