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GROUNDHOG DAYTIME TV AT THE BBC; Shows repeated over and over again.


LICENCE payers have blasted the BBC after it emerged a massive 75% of its daytime shows were repeats.

On Thursday, 14 shows on BBC2 and six on BBC1 had been seen before. Only 10 new programmes were screened on both channels, of which four were news bulletins.

Yesterday's schedule was only slightly better with four re-runs on BBC1 and eight on BBC2.

Angry Mirror readers said the BBC's output was poor value.

Margaret Fry, from Blandford, Dorset, said: "As a pensioner who pays the licence fee, I am sick of seeing all these repeats.

"We don't get out much during the day and so you watch daytime - only to see the same old programmes again and again."

Among the repeated shows broadcast this week were Coast, Animal Frontline, Saints and Scroungers, The Weakest Link and Great British Railway Journeys.

Next Thursday is a similar story with eight repeats on BBC1 and 13 on BBC2. Daytime viewers will get to see only seven new shows.

It also emerged an episode of Homes Under the Hammer, first shown in February last year, was repeated three times in just five days last month.

The BBC's new daytime controller, Damian Kavanagh, recently defended the corporation's decision to air repeats. He said: "For us to continue to do the distinctive programming that we aspire to do, we have to play some repeats."

He added: "If we didn't play any repeats, we wouldn't be able to afford to do any original drama in the afternoons and we wouldn't be able to afford to continue doing campaigning shows."

Mr Kavanagh admitted a "mistake was made" after the Homes Under The Hammer debacle and added: "We will try and ensure that never happens again.

"I am happy to give a guarantee that we will leave a gap of at least six months between a repeat of any programme on the same channel."

The BBC's reliance on repeats is down to its money-saving plans after it was forced to freeze the annual licence fee at PS145.50 until 2017.

Last July, the broadcaster's annual report revealed 55% of all BBC2 shows were repeats - up from almost 50% the previous year.

BBC1's re-run rate was 33.1%, compared to 32.5% the year before.

During peak time, 8.4% of BBC1 shows and 31% of BBC2 programmes are currently re-runs.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "BBC2 now gives our audiences a chance to watch classic content including David Attenborough's full collection.

"Repeats are often scheduled to reach different audiences and are rarely shown in the same slot.

"On BBC1, for example, over 91% of programmes in prime time have never been shown before."

The worst offenders Animal FrontlineHomes Under the HammerSaints and Scroungers The Weakest Link Life in the Undergrowth The Great British Bake-Off The Hairy Bikers


REPLAY J Martin Roberts, presenter of Homes Under the Hammer
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 11, 2013
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