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GROSS BEHAVIOUR; 36st patient complains he has to lose weight before vital operation.


WHEN obese Barrie Govier needed an operation, doctors said fat chance.

Hospital bosses refused to treat the 36-stone patient's gangrene as they feared the operating table would collapse under his weight, risking injury to him and putting the theatre out of action for treating other patients.

Now ungrateful dad-of-three Barrie is angry that he was asked to lose just two stone before medics operated on his foot.

He said: "They fed me very little. Until I lost weight, I had no option but to eat their bloody horrible food.

"You have no idea how hurtful it was to hear I was too fat for their table. Hospital bosses obviously cared more about that precious table than they did about me. I was shocked as the decision not to operate wasn't anything to do with the risks of being overweight. It was purely that I was too heavy to lie on their table, which can only hold 35 stone."

His rant continued: "I have been in agony with gangrene for weeks and expected the NHS to help. But how wrong I was. They told me I was too fat so they put me on a starvation diet. I'm a big man and I'm used to eating a lot, so I was constantly hungry on those World War Two hospital rations."

Jobless Barrie, 49, says he piled on the pounds after becoming registered disabled.

He has been bedridden for almost four years and claims back and leg problems prevented him from losing weight.

Barrie, who lives in Wells, Somerset, with his wife Maria, was diagnosed with gangrene in all five toes of his right foot after contacting a GP last month. If left untreated, the bacteria can lead to septicaemia - a life-threatening condition. Barrie was taken to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton on January 30 where doctors ruled he was too heavy to have surgery on their operating table.

Medics feared Barrie could be injured if the table collapsed. So he remained in hospital for a fortnight and was placed on a low fat diet before the op two weeks ago.

A hospital spokesman said: "There was a slight delay before Mr Govier could undergo the procedure as it was necessary to ensure his weight was within the acceptable limit for the equipment. Barrie Govier has now undergone the procedure he required."

Until I lost weight, I had no option but to eat their bloody horrible food



INDIGNANT Barrie Govier was put on a low-fat diet; LIMIT Table will only hold 35 stone
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2009
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