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NEWCASTLE (BAGS) subject to weather 2.04 (480m): Bramble Ellie, Wraysbury Toon, Woodys Burlesque, Wazokie Flight, Mays Bobby Joe, Alnwick Broxi.

2.24 (480m): A Bit Of Gold, Romeo Vardy, Vics Maggie, Mill Reem, Blackhouse Dixie, Indias Boy. 2.42 (480m): Cu Sith Jack, Canny Laura, Quarterl;and Eva, Blackhouse Luigi, Target Oscar, Havana Tonto.

2.58 (480m): Queenies Tommy, Philomenas Pet, Wrasybury Maggs, Drivers Gold, Soju Hipster, Swift Lampos.

3.18 (480m H/c): Corrakelly Star, My Barbarella, Tullylee, Calzaghe Balboa, Till Linnet, Going All In. 3.37 (480m): Bramble Buster, Vacant, Rafalution, Affane Super, Selkirk Marches (W), A Bit of Neville (W).

3.53 (480m): Coloured Valley, Queenies Turkish, Alnwick Keira, Highclere Robin, Elwick Louda, Dunvegan Lad (W).

4.14 (640m H/c): September Stars, Fantastic Mohawk, A Bit Of Hope, Costa Cain, Jaytee Maverick, Swift Mask.

4.28 (480m): Corrakelly Magic, Shellam Rafi, That Oldchestnut, Colliery Diamond, Ring Joy, Queenies Wee One (W).

4.47 (480m): Any Cheek, Queenies Ace, Vics Paddys, Billy Bob Ray, Vanzari, Wazokie Ranger. 5.07 (480m): Hans Solo, Canny Winnie, Loughside Olivia, Calzaghe Blake, Mustang Carla, Swift Regent.

5.27 (640m H/c): Corrakelly Posh, Lumina Python, Mullaca Spice, Hee Haws Apache, Mustang Andy, Butidontdrink.

5.44 (480m): Cany Say Aword, Corrakelly Storm, Geordie Ivy, Blackhouse Ash, Chocolate Candy, Lumina Viper.

5.59 (480m): Slaneyside Jude, Woodys Aurora, Spyinthesky, Ryleigh Beau, Donegal Dubh, Canny Bluebury.

NEWCASTLE subject to weather 7.30 (480m): Bramble Honey, Dodgers Fury, Alnwick Emma, Wath Mercury, Best Tune, Alnwick Dote.

7.46 (480m): Vicarage Madison, Cape Run, Bellebob Zuri, Bramble Bradley, Best Feature, Macaroon Dazzle. 8.01 (480m): Poolie Shauna, Ginas Lad, Cooneen Jack, Calzaghe Kristof, Bramble Alicja, Vacant. 8.16 (480m): Mill Ramsey, Brindlespotbabe, Dodgers Ali, Poolie Raymond, Mustang Thrill, Never Say Aword.

8.32 (480m H/c): Sophies Adele (16), Boogardy Bravo (13), Orbital Gaga (9), Woodcocks Alexa (7), Joy Again (3), Poolie Anna (W) (scr).

8.47 (480m): Patsys Diva, Poolie Tommy, Ashgrove Lisa, Masada Makeshift, Tourbo Ten, Droopys Country (W).

9.01 (290m): Doonanes Ladymol, Precisely, Ballymac Sexton, Ballymac Rupert, Dodgers Spur, Ballymac Noble.

9.15 (480m H/c): Geordie Zero (9), Amazing Mari (W) (9), Ballymac Hasit (7), Swift Phoebe (4), Dodgers Drum (scr), Farloe Raider (scr).

9.29 (480m): Bramble Sarah, Pennys Echo, Droopys Vodka, Droopys Division, Jumeirah Erin (W), Bestreaction (W).

9.43 (480m): Ballymac Sweetno, Plenty Of Appeal, Tonawillie Jet, Tyrur Nano, Alnwick Bridge, Time In Havan (W).

9.57 (480m): Do The Dab, Local Dizzy, Some Reaction, Mill Hank, Power Ahead, Geordie Dazzler. 10.13 (480m): Bramble Tudor, Cashen Marc, Bramble Usain, Swift Gabe, Kush Kush, Ballymac Sari (W).

Reserves: Bramble Boss, Geordie Raffa, Gillywiggs, Jumeirah Bobby, Mill Brianna, Noahs Reaction.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 3, 2018
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