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NEWCASTLE 18.28 (480m): Ballymac Cashcow, Bawndrum Lass, Shellam Rafi, Swift Silverlily, Calzaghe Blake, Brockadale Boy.

18.44 (480m): Soju Elvis (R9), Bricken Molly (R7), Bog Trotter (R7), Millabbey Mollie (R6), Canny Belter (R2), Pennys Echo (Scr).

19.01 (480m): Dreams Of Dunelm, Woodys Aurora, Hanoras Gale, Hot To Trott, Beatties Fantasy, Ashgrove Mccoy.

19.16 (480m): A Bit Of Gold, Padraigs Hero, Shy Guy, Macaroon Dazzle, Baineann Si Leat, Swift Andre.

19.32 (480m): Coupleofswifties (R11), Target Jenny (R11), Mustang Melon (R8), Romeo Embargo (R5), Mays Bobbyjoe (R2), Mo Chuisle (Scr).

19.48 (290m): Swift Chaser, Daddys Duke, Squire Gage, Thatll Do So, Sidarian Zoom (W), Edwards Memorie (W). 20.04 (480m): Hans Solo, Ashbank Dec, Target Troy, Canny Make It, Target Slick, Donegal Chick.

20.19 (640m): The Moppitt (R7), Romeo Squadron (R7), Lispole Cranky (R3), Mullaca Spice (R2), Mustang Andy (R1), Shazababbaroo (Scr).

20.36 (480m): Romeo Vardy (R13), Cabin Fever (R11), Oor Lucky (R9), Newtown Matilda (R7), Queenies Angey (R5), Guinness Zero (Scr).

20.52 (480m): Target Mongoose, Her Bar Stool, Fabulous Chic, Mill Reem, Wraysbury Maggs, Target Kenzie (W).

21.07 (480m): Queenies Maverik, Cant Say Aword, Alnwick Keira, Woodys Bahama, Best Tune, Dunvegan Lad.

21.22 (480m); Troopers Hero, Shellam Steph, Sive Veen, Fantastic Mohawk, Swift Phoebe, Canny Liberty.

Reserves: Ashbank Celt(A*), Ballinakill Alan(B*), Blackhouse Dixie(C*), Local Music(D*), Oor Alan(E*), Philomenas Pet(F*), Ryans Kingo(G*), Sals Double Zero(H*), Spyinthesky(I*), Swift Bonfire(J*), Taxi Twofifty(K*), Vicarage Madison(L*).

SUNDERLAND 14.18 (450m): Daring Maestro, Derryhogan Healy, Mainstreet Ava, Weesunday (M), Mulcair Hazel (M), Daras Confirmed (M).

14.37 (450m): Lemming Jet, Autumn Amelia, Ogalla Zippy, Lisnakill Paudie (M), Dreams Of Havana (M), Poolie Laura (M).

14.57 (450m): No News, Darlo Lulubelle. Lisneal Pennie, Crafty Mirasco (M), Pennys Pawn (M), Crafty Blasio (W) Jackie Tea.

15.17 (261m): Knockroe Oak (R5), Rearcross (R4), Autumn Pepper (R4), Ballyshannon Lad (R3), Market Opinion (M) (R1), Twins Primco (M) (Scr).

15.38 (640m): Tyrian Dolly (R13), Darbystown Sand (R7), Greenisle Iona (R6), Coologue Sea Hag (W) (R6), Ashgrove Milly (M) (R4), Cluasa Suasa (Scr).

15.58 (450m): Lady Midas, Roeview Falcon, Forelacka Sadie, Poolie Ava (M), Quivers Ken (M), Scruffs Tara (M).

16.18 (450m): Soft Palm, Ballyshannon Joy (M), Rosegarland Levi (M), Miss Ciara (M), Biddies Field (W), Callas Maria (W).

16.37 (450m): Run River Run, Ryecroft Bell (M), Kilmoney Ty (M), Is She Diesel (M), Travies Nut (M), Spirit Kays Echo (M). 16.57 (450m): Silly Sophie, Get On Ameera, Powerful Minx (M), Haggswood Jet (M), Ryecroft Leo (M), Cuteasabutton (M).

17.17 (450m): Suncroft Liz, Autumn Freya, Witton Peerless, Threejays Katie (M), Literary Lantern (M), Quivers Barbie (W).

17.33 (450m): Footfield Frano, Balmoral Indi, Griffin Park (M), Tromora Abbie (M), Lacken Snow (W), Ballyshannon One (W).

17.47 (450m): Linton Toptotti, Farloe Solo, Peachstreet Babe, Any Chance (M), Allowdale Katie (M), Hestors Hound (M).

18.04 (450m): Farloe Cobra, Pity Me Puma, Congress Blackie, Morgans Mac (M), Releasethebeast (M), Fieldhouse Blitz (W).

18.18 (450m): Cloncunny Hi, Havana Tip Top, Miss Lexie (M), Morgans Dinozzo (M), Autumn Marina (M), Fridays Gerry (W).

Reserves: Autumn Actor(A*) (W), Cooneen Richie(B*), Coppice Amy(C*) (W), Haggswood Lee(D*) (M), Market Hero(E*), Moss Row Roll(F*), Nut Hill Martin(G*), Pity Me Sumer(H*), Pukka Star(I*) (M).
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2017
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