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PINE BROOK, N.J.-Less than two months after he was named president and chief executive of T-Fal Corp., Greg Infeld has moved aggressively to bring T-Fal's new operations center up to full strength.

The $15 million Operations and Distribution Center, located in Millville, N.J., is a 515,000-square-foot plant that should allow T-Fal to build its U.S. business, Infeld said.

"That is the platform of the future for the company, showing our commitment to the U.S. market," he said of the center. "It will enable us to grow and serve to customers in the future, allowing us to be one of main players in cookware and small electrics."

And Infeld plans to ratchet up all price points in small electrics. He also said American consumers are ripe for a return to quality.

"It's interesting that people have been focusing on price point," Infeld said of the small electrics category. "If you hold onto 1998 pricing year after year, you make the product poorer because you have to take something off the design of that product each year to meet the price point," Infeld said, adding that consumers want more. "They look for value for their money."

And that search for value isn't limited to the aging yuppies. "Your aspirations are not to be a cheaper and nastier product than last time," he said. "Most often our aspirations are upwards. One thing that's missing from the U.S. market is a dynamic approach to product where consumers are able to see the value for the money. If they understand that, they are willing to trade up across all channels."
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Author:Porter, Thyra
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Date:Aug 17, 1998
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