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GRAVE SNUB FOR KILLER DAD DUNNE; Family leaves his name off headstone.


THE family of murdered Ciara Dunne has snubbed her evil husband by leaving his name off his wife and daughters' headstone.

Evil Adrian Dunne shocked the nation when he killed tragic Ciara, 24, and her two little girls Leanne, five, and Shania, three, on April 21, 2007.

Blind Dunne, 29, smothered his daughters, before strangling his wife and then hanging himself at the family home in Monageer, Co Wexford. The killing sparked uproar between the O'Brien and Dunne families.

Ciara's heartbroken family insisted their daughter and her children be brought 300 miles back to her native Co Donegal for burial while their killer was interred in his local graveyard in Boolavogue.

Now, the O'Brien family have erected a headstone at Burt cemetery in memory of their daughter and two innocent grandchildren.

The respected family used Ciara's maiden name instead of her married name on the headstone, and the inscription makes no mention of her husband Adrian.

The headstone was erected recently to coincide with the third anniversary of the triple killing which took place at 29 Moin Rua, Monageer.

A source close to the O'Brien family, who have remained silent since the murders, said they had no comment to make. The source added: "Adrian Dunne took Ciara away from the O'Brien family and allowed her very little if any contact with her real family. He controlled her and then finally took her life and her two daughter's lives. Nothing can change that now or bring Ciara or her two little girls back."

Dunne's sister Bridget said last night she was not surprised by the snub: "We kind of knew that would happen. It's their business and we have to respect that."

She also revealed how her own family are putting up a headstone to Adrian in a couple of weeks time: "It will simply say 'in memory of the Dunne Family - Adrian, Ciara and their two girls Leanne and Shania'."

A 154-page report into the killings, published in May last year, revealed the full extent of the horrific life Ciara and her daughters had been living.

It revealed although Dunne thought he was doing the right thing for his family, he was a manipulative man who had cut off all communication between his wife and her family.

The couple met in 2000 and Dunne surprised Ciara on New Year's Eve in 2005 by giving her just a day's notice to prepare for their wedding. He had arranged everything.

The report told how Ciara's worried family travelled from Donegal to visit her, they were never made to feel welcome and had to stay in local hotels. Dunne also had mounting debt problems, including a EUR3,600 telephone bill.

He refused to allow his children to play outside and when his wife visited the gym three times each week, he would sit outside with his children in the car.

The report also recalled how days before the bodies were found, Adrian and Ciara had visited an undertaker to make funeral arrangements in the event of their deaths.

Disturbed Adrian even revealed how he wanted to be buried in his beloved Liverpool FC jersey and also outlined what their children should wear in their coffins.

Despite the bizarre request, social services were never contacted over the matter.


Horror... Manipulative Adrian Dunne killed his wife and daughters before hanging himself Memories... headstone in Co Donegal does not mention killer Adrian Dunne
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 23, 2010
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