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GRANDAD PRIX!; Jackie shows his boys the way.

The Stewart clan made tracks for the fast lane yesterday.

Racing legend Jackie sat grandson Dylan on his knee as he and son Paul prepared for a duel in Formula 1 supercars.

Everyone had put their clocks back an hour this week.

But yesterday at Silverstone, Jackie turned his back 25 years.

He then treated a new generation to the sight of his Royal Stewart tartan helmet flashing past the grandstands.

It was almost like the old days. Wife Helen still hugged the pit rail as her husband streaked by at speeds over 150mph.

But this time, Jackie's only rival was Paul. And the normally tense team of mechanics had Dylan for company.

The tannoy at sunny Silverstone should have been playing Two Little Boys, by Rolf Harris.

Only the two little toys they were playing with cost pounds 5million each to put on the road.

But this was their private reward for a successful first season with Stewart Ford.

"I may never do this again in my lifetime, so I am going to make the most of it," beamed Jackie.

"And driving a car that's got my name of it has never happened before. Don't be expecting any lap records."

Wife Helen had seen it all before - 99 times to be precise, 27 of those were victories that took Stewart to three World Championships.

But yesterday she was a little more relaxed.

She said "He's not racing, so I know he will be careful.

"Dylan burst into tears when he saw his dad in the car with his helmet on.

"Yet Paul did the exact same thing when I first took him to see Jackie race!"

But for all the smiling and chatting to wellwishers, including the Princess Anne's son, Peter, she was still first in the pits to give Jackie a welcome kiss when the driving was over.

Helen added: "After his first few laps he came in and I said `Well, did you enjoy that?'

"He didn't really give me an answer - but I could see a glint in his eye."

As he sped round the track, the Stewart Ford team couldn't resist hanging out a lap board saying "Jackie - 2nd position", for laughs.

Jackie, now 58, did a few more laps before coming in to announce "It was fantastic.

"I was pleasantly surprised how little the feeling has changed. A Formula 1 car is still the same animal."

Stewart Ford's regular driver Jan Magnusson was probably in nappies when Jackie was the world champ.

Jan laughed: "I told him little technical bits about the car. But no- one tells Jackie Stewart how to drive."

Would the flying Scot ever be tempted again?

"I'm not saying yes ... but then I'm not saying no either," he grinned.
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Author:SHIELDS, From BOB
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 1, 1997
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