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GRANDAD JOHN IS THE Mr FIX-IT FOR JUNKIES; He pushes bottles of pills at pounds 90 a time.

EVIL John Hutchison is dealing in misery.

Grandad John peddles dangerous temazepam pills to desperate junkies.

Hutchison buys the drug from prescribed users then flogs bottles of the sedative for pounds 90 each.

Druggies flock to his home in Shettles-ton, Glasgow, to buy the tablets, which have a similar effect as heroin.

A Sunday Mail investigator visited the pint-sized 58-year-old at his house and found him eager to do business.

Tattooed Hutchison, a former railway worker, took our man into his kitchen to discuss his business.

His grandchildren played with wife Maureen in the next room while he sealed a deal.

He said: "I can do you a bottle of temazepam, that's all I've got.

"I buy the prescription for fifty quid, but the price to you is ninety quid.

"I'm not a millionaire, I've got to make some money.

"The bottles have got sixty tablets in them."

Hutchison then started to carefully count the contents of a bottle in front of our investigator.

After confirming the amount, he handed over the drugs and gleefully pocketed the cash.

He added: "I buy prescriptions from a few people.

"But I don't want to know some of the people that come to my door, they're trouble. I've got to be careful."

The Government made it illegal to possess temazepam without a doctor's prescription two years ago.

But so far Hutchison, known as wee Hutchie to customers, has managed to dodge the law and do a roaring trade.

The junkies' favourite pill was also banned from being produced in liquid-filled capsules after addicts started injecting it.

Many needed limbs amputated after their arteries became clogged.

The pills Hutchison sold our reporter were small, round white tablets.

A drugs expert confirmed that they were temazepam.

A neighbour, who didn't want to be named, said: "John's house always seems to be busy.

"You can tell that most of the people who visit him are on drugs.

"They never seem to stay for long, they're usually in and out in a couple of minutes."

Dr Bob Scott, former director of the Glasgow Drug Problem Service, said: "Temazepam is the most dangerous sedative in terms of the risk to life.

"There is the risk of accidental death if it's misused, especially if it's taken with other drugs.

"People who use temazepam over a long period will also become very dependent on the drug.

"They will suffer convulsions and fits if they go without it."

After today, pedlar Hutchison could see a drop off in his business.

For our dossier on him is available to the police.
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Author:Alexander, Derek
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 25, 1999
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