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Annotations and lessons on these pages by Tara Cady Sartorius, Program Director, Alabama Arts Alliance

FAUX-SAIC MOSAICS. These paper mosaic-like collages are a fantastic way to teach composition within some fairly strict parameters. Students were supposed to "set" their tiles in straight lines, and this process might have been counter-intuitive to the organic nature of the curved landscapes they were depicting.

In reflecting on this lesson, teacher Cathy Wooley states, 'This was a challenge for some of the fourth-grade artists. It was easier to curve the tiles along a path of the mountain shape but technically incorrect. I did draw some horizontal lines inside of their mountain shapes to keep them focused. When we imagined the fit of a puzzle, it seemed to improve their success."

The sky areas, which are painted with watercolor, have a much more spontaneous feel. The addition of salt to the wet blue paint adds a "starry" effect that Wooley says may be a distraction to the clean lines and subtle earth tones of the square tiles. Do you agree or disagree? Would you have your students finish their pieces differently?

This lesson is a great way to help students understand color, contrast, and shape, along with the added challenge of how to fit consistently-sized geometric shapes within an organic composition.


Essential Questions: What role does persistence play in revising, refining, and developing work? How do artists grow and become accomplished in art forms?

CREATE: Document, describe, and represent regional constructed environments.

RESPOND: Compare responses to a work of art before and after working in similar media.

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Caption: Paper mosaics by Cathy Wooley's fourth-grade students at Fort Island Primary School in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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