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GPS technology incorporated into data acquisition Cubes.

The compact, low-power DNA-GPS Receiver System adds GPS technology to the company's PowerDNA, UEILogger, and UEIPAC Data Acquisition and Control Cubes. The unit provides location, velocity, and UTC real time and complements many mobile and in-vehicle testing applications.


The DNA-GPS is built around the Garmin GPS 16-HVS which supplies location information with a positional error less than three meters in areas served by the WAAS (most of North America) and 15-meter accuracy worldwide. Steady-state velocity measurements have an accuracy of 0.1 knot. The GPS presents accurate time/date information; 1-pps output is synchronized to UTC time within [+ or -] 1 [micro]s. United Electronic Industries,

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Title Annotation:Product Briefing
Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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