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GORD SAVE THE TEAM; TONIGHT'S BIG MATCHES: Punk shocker.. it's all gone Rotten at Boro.


Middlesbrough v Burnley, 7.45 GORDON STRACHAN has turned to punk legend John Lydon to stop Boro's Rotten form and get them on the Rise.

The Boro boss could be wrong, or he could be right... but he has told his squad: "Anger is an energy."

Strachan is a big fan of one-time Sex Pistol Lydon and met him at a music festival recently. And the Scot is using the Pistols' lyrics to get Boro jumping, and improve his limited Public Image, starting with a win against Burnley.

Boro have slumped to 20th in the Championship nine points behind fellow big spenders Cardiff and QPR.

Strachan said: "Anger is an Energy. I saw Public Image Ltd a couple of weeks ago. That's what reminded me. I like that. It is true. We fell away in the second half at QPR on Saturday and that is a problem we have to deal with.

"I hope we are angry because anger IS an energy, as Lydon said. We are angry with ourselves - there is no one else to blame.

"We can all give soundbites but it doesn't mean anything. It is only actions that count and at the moment our actions are not good enough. It's up to me to get it right. If it is not right then eventually it falls on my head."

If Strachan didn't have enough problems, Aston Villa have approached Boro to recruit coach Gary McAllister, and a decision will be made tomorrow.

"People determine their own futures," admitted Strachan, hinting that McAllister could be on his way.

After the 3-0 drubbing by QPR, Strachan was given a brutal appraisal of his team's failings face-to-face by a fan after the game.

He added: "I spoke to a fan and he calmly told me his worries. It was typical of people who are in love with the club but respectful.

"I got an insight into what people feel and he left with a picture of us on his phone. I listened to what he had to say.

"He was terrific. He was far more effective than, say, thousands shouting for your head, but it is better having people talk to you in a constructive manner and speaking in a concise, intelligent way and his love of the club came through."


ME Mr ANGRY Strachan reckons he and his Boro players must turn their anger into energy sCALL
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Sep 14, 2010
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