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GOP: United Against Obama, Divided On US Foreign Policy.

Republicans won control of both chambers of the US Congress in mid-term elections, but the win may not deliver either change or greater certainty for voters. The majority and minority parties are polarized, too, explains Simon Reich, political science professor at Rutgers University for the Conversation. The United States was once united over foreign policy, with leaders in both parties putting patriotism over politics. But such bipartisanship has ebbed in recent decades and Reich suggests that the US president has latitude on foreign policy and that congressional gridlock will continue on foreign policy matters. Republicans have no unified position on major challenges like an assertive Russia or ruthless Islamic State, and "The only thing that unites them is, their criticism of the president." Congress controls US purse strings, and Republicans support reducing US debt, but are less adamant about military spending. Reich concludes: "if history is any guide, when it comes to foreign policy, gridlock will favor the president." - YaleGlobal

Polarization among Republican and Democrat factions in US Congress ensure more gridlock - even on pressing foreign policy issues

Simon Reich

The Conversation US, 5 November 2014

Simon Reich is professor in The Division of Global Affairs and The Department of Political Science at Rutgers University.

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Date:Nov 5, 2014
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