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The Google team from Singapore visited IBA Karachi and held an informative session called 'Google for Publishers' and discussed their monetization products, AdSense and AdMob. The session took place at the G and T Auditorium, IBA main campus. The large audience comprised of students, writers, bloggers, web developers/designers and app developers. The talk was Google's first ever tech-talk in Pakistan.

The speakers from Google were two bright young Pakistanis, Mr. Waqas Burney, Manager (Web) and Mr. Ahmed Nawaz, Manager (Apps) who have been working for the South Asia region, Google Singapore for over a year.

Initiating the tech-talk, Mr. Burney informed the audience that the World of Google publishing has users, advertisers and publishers and AdSense facilitates publishers earn money in a seamless manner. Anything from 100 to 50000 dollars can be generated monthly.

A through Introduction to the two monetization products Google AdSense, Google AdMob followed. There are 2000000 plus members on AdSense and 1000000 plus members on AdWords'. In 2015, Google 10 billion paid to customers, that's the power of AdSense. Through AdSense you can make money, if you're a YouTube blogger, publisher etc. and only 20% publishers are brought on board by Google as they are stringent about selecting the best.

Basically AdSense connects advertisers to users so that users can make money. Leading organizations like Dawn and Jang are working with Google in this domain. Placing of advertisements on various web content is how bloggers and publishers earn good money. The more traffic on your site, the more revenue you earn. One must first concentrate on generating traffic to your website and then think about monetizing it. Useful tips on making the most of AdSense were shared by Mr. Burney.

Some heartwarming case studies in form of videos were also shared with the audience to show the impact AdSense has made in the lives of ordinary people by empowering them financially.

Google tool, AdMob was introduced by Mr. Ahmed. He shed light on what makes a great app and what do users require in an app. The more user friendly and functional the app, the more popular it will be. Apps like Angry Bird, MuslimPro and Uber are popular for that very reason.

The first ever tech-talk by Google in Pakistan proved to be successful as 1100 + registrations were received for the session. The audience consisting of bloggers, web developers and publishers went home with a lot of information and asked many insightful questions, which were answered intricately by the dedicated Google team.

Dr. Shakeel Khoja, Faculty Computer Science said that the tech-talk was a promising initiative of its kind and he hoped that Google will hold such informative sessions for the Pakistani youth in the future, he thanked the Google team profusely with mementos from IBA Karachi.

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Date:Sep 11, 2016

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