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GOOD MORNING -- April 11, 2001.

This is PR NEWSWIRE -- transmitting news releases, advisories and other information to the news media around the United States since 1954.

If you have questions regarding your PRN teleprinter, your PRN computer service, or if you wish to arrange to receive PR NEWSWIRE in your editorial computer system, please call:

PRN Media Services at 201-946-5589

(Outside New York State: 800-832-5522, ext. 5589)

For repeats or other information, please call the PRN editorial desk at 800-776-8090, or your nearest PR Newswire bureau:

Atlanta 404-231-1814 Nashville 615-783-1632

Austin 512-328-1006 Orange County 714-251-6993

Boston 617-482-5355 Philadelphia 800-523-4424

Charlotte 704-338-9366 Phoenix 602-655-8892

Chicago 888-776-6551 Pittsburgh 412-232-3050

Cleveland 216-566-7777 Salt Lake City 801-350-9402

Dallas 888-776-3971 San Diego 619-456-5740

Denver 303-291-0550 San Francisco 415-543-7800

Detroit 248-352-5200 San Jose 408-295-3600

Houston 800-776-8390 Seattle 206-624-2414

Los Angeles 213-626-5500 Tampa 813-228-8810

Miami 305-461-8666 Washington, D.C. 202-347-5155

Minneapolis 612-331-7800

Note: All copy is transmitted "for immediate release" unless otherwise designated and may be used in preparation of subscribers' own printed or broadcast news reports with, or without, credit to PR NEWSWIRE.

All other uses of PRN's daily news release file, including but not limited to any electronic redistribution or database storage and retrieval -- whether or not for resale -- in full, in part, in full text or in abstract, is prohibited without the express written consent of PR NEWSWIRE.

Inquiries concerning the use of PR NEWSWIRE copy should be addressed to: Ken Dowell, Vice President of Media and Content Development, PR NEWSWIRE, 806 Plaza Three, Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, NJ 07311.

Members of PR NEWSWIRE are responsible for the fact and accuracy of all information submitted by them for transmission by PRN. The sole responsibility of PR NEWSWIRE shall be to use its reasonable efforts to correct any error of fact, timing or omission brought to its attention.
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Apr 11, 2001
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