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Kirstie Allsopp has just travelled back from Yorkshire after catching up with one of the participants who will appear in the next series of Location, Location, Location, but despite being understandably shattered, she's still as bubbly and endearingly posh as she appears on the telly.

We have met to talk about her latest TV project, the annual Location, Location, Location:

Best And Worst, which this year is being broadcast live. That prospect is making Kirstie and her co-presenter Phil Spencer extremely twitchy.

"Live light entertainment is one of the hardest things to pull off," Kirstie says with a huge yawn. "See I'm anxiety yawning just thinking about it!

"Whoever thought it was a good idea to let me loose on live television needs their head examining. My producer told me yesterday that they have a tranquilliser gun so if I suddenly start talking about Home Information Packs or any of my pet topics, they will shoot me from the wings," she chuckles.

Kirstie has never made any secret of the fact that Best And Worst isn't exactly her favourite part of her job. She hates the controversy it provokes and is really concerned about upsetting people.

"I worry about it so much that they had to literally drag me kicking and screaming into doing this show. I'm contractually obligated to do it, but I do get very nervous about being rude about places. I realise that everything in life is comparable, and one can't examine the best places without examining the worst, but jumping up and down and saying,' This place is hell on Earth', I find really, really hard."

The 35-year-old admits she and Phil are very fortunate to have a great relationship with their punters, but they always worry about reaction from residents after they have filmed Best And Worst.

"Two years ago we were quite uncomplimentary about Hull, and I got so many calls from John Prescott's office! He was not a happy bunny.

"It is a really valid exercise, and I love the pleasure the best places get out of it, but if somebody turned around and said we weren't doing it again, I wouldn't be weeping into my cornflakes."

The brunette, who had baby Bay Atlas in July last year with her partner Ben Anderson, and who also has two stepchildren, says she'll be glad to get back to her day job. Location, Location, Location has been on our screens for nearly seven years now, and it was the first show of its kind.

It has of course spawned a bucket load of similar programmes, but Kirstie is adamant her and Phil's show is still the best.

"I'm not one of nature's braggers but I never hold back from saying it is by far the most superior property show. Grand Designs and Property Ladder are in the same stable, but the others are all copycats of ours."

One of the things that has made Location stand out from the crowd is that undeniable chemistry between Kirstie and Phil. Do either of their partners ever get jealous of their close relationship?

"No!" Kirstie screeches hysterically. "Our partners are both very self confident people.

Phil's wife is an absolute stunner apart from anything else, and Phil absolutely adores her and their little boy."

She explains that Ben had to get the seal of approval from Phil before things got serious - and he passed with flying colours.

"I had Phil before I had Ben, so he definitely checked him out! " she explains with a grin.

"I think the chemistry Phil and I have is a belief in each other and a confidence and respect for the other one's characteristics.

We get on and we just always have."



Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are feeling twitchy about going live in their new show
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 13, 2007
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