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"I would definitely recommend this experience to other students. Not many organizations allow students to join their board meeting. Additionally, the networking opportunity is very beneficial for students. Networking can be considered as one of the factors that can help people to have a successful career." --Christian Sutanto, University of North Texas

"The best part of the event was hearing stories from the members and how IMA has impacted not only their professional lives but their personal lives as well." --Nhu Nguyen, The University of Scranton

"This experience made me realize the importance of connecting everything you do as a management accountant to the larger picture. Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture creates real clarity when making a decision. This can be seen throughout the Student Leadership Experience as board meetings are thoughtfully crafted and executed to help make sure each one is a success."--Jacob Roedell, Washington State University Vancouver

"I was so warmly welcomed by all the members, and I really got to meet great people who shared their experiences with me. The exchange with the attendees was very inspiring and valuable for me. People who had just met me offered me support in career planning, my job search, or my master's thesis. I didn't expect this openness and support from the members."--Marcel Greimel, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

"I would highly recommend the IMA Student Leadership Experience to other students. I formed close relationships with the other students on the trip, and I highly enjoyed my conversations with the IMA professionals. I found the ethics case session and the board meeting to be very interesting and educational." --Shailey Doherty, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Publication:Strategic Finance
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Date:Aug 1, 2019
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