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GOING GREY; Open your doors to a silvery tinge of mystery.

Byline: With Andrea McLean

WHILE there is nothing clever at all about the swathes of fog that blanketed the UK recently, there are two parts to this unwelcome weather phenomenon to which I have to hold my hand up and admit that I like.

The first was the fact that it meant most of us were confined to the house for a couple of days as the roads were so treacherous and walking was just too spooky.

So it meant snuggling up at home and waiting for it to pass, a bit like a snow day without the chance of sledging.

The second thing was the colour that hung in the air, like a ghostly presence through the window... it was my favourite wintry shade of grey. It had a silvery tinge and a mysteriousness that only fog can bring. And while I wouldn't want it hanging around outside every day, the colour itself is one that I can live with all through the year in my home, no matter what the skies are doing outside!


EVERY home needs a few of these. I'd use this as a warning bag: any STUFF in here that's not reclaimed by the morning is getting chucked out! Felt basket, PS6, George Home

WE may have a few weeks to go yet until we start following yonder stars and rummaging around for gold, frankincense and myrrh, but these look a treat at any time. Barn star, PS9.50-PS35, Rose & Grey |

THERE is something so heartening about an exposed brick wall in the home, but if you live in a new build home the chances of having beautiful stone like this to look at are slim. Don't let practicalities get in the way of your dreams; what a builder can't provide for you, a few rolls of wallpaper can. Grey brick |wallpaper, PS15, Next

THIS is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for a hallway. Chuck your keys on the table, gloves and scarves in the top drawer and shoes in the bottom, and ta-da! A tidy home. Wicker basket |storage unit, PS56.95, Melody Maison

| Print duvet cover set, PS19.99. | Quilted silver and dark grey double bedspread, PS69.99. Moss-knit blanket, PS49.99. Gold photo frame PS7.99. All H&M

THIS clever floor lamp may not have 50 shades of grey on offer, but it does have three lamp shades to play with! Ike floor lamp, PS150, BHS

THIS is clever isn't it? Just move the two coloured magnets each day. Simples. Perpetual calendar, PS16.50, Red Candy |

AS we enter the season of snuggling down in front of the telly, possession of the footstool can cause problems. Here's the ideal solution. Charcoal Yours/Mine |bean cube, PS45, Next

I love a bird cage - despite the fact that the closest mine will get to a living thing inside it is a pot plant! Bird cage planters, PS15.99, New Eden |

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Nov 25, 2015
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