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WHEN Lady Gaga gets excited, wild and crazy things happen in the world of fashion.

Pop's most outrageous dresser is thrilled to be playing the last ever shows at New York's famous Roseland Ballroom, which closes after the last gig in her seven-night residency on Monday.

And she's been marking the occasion by going costume crackers, with 16, er, flamboyant outfits on show in just seven days.

Visors are the height of fashion, it seems, even if you sometimes have trouble seeing where you're going when you're wearing them.

And so are long white wigs, a la Garth out of Wayne's World.

So what does she wear when she's actually on stage. Well, not much (see the bottom, bottom left).

QUILTY AS CHARGED And don't get us started on that visor thingy


WAYNE'S GIRL Hair borrowed from Mike Myers's sidekick, Garth

LACE DISGRACE And a huge shaggy mane. Shredded bin bags?

BLOOMIN' STUPID Two dozen roses died to make this outfit

MISS WIGGY Has she cut her Garth hair, or is it a new one?

HUMPTY NUMPTY Looking like a boiled egg someone's just cracked

SCARY FAIRY She'll grant you a wish. We wish she'd give it a rest

PURPLE STRAIN A large object seems to be growing from her head

SHORELY NOT But yes, that is in fact a scallop shell on her napper

IT'S NOT OVER YETI Six outfits to go. Can she do it? We think yes

BIT WARM IS IT? Those stage lights can be really sweltering

WIG COMEBACK Good old Garth! He's grown back again! A miracle!

BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS If you can't see where you are, take it off!

IN DISGUISE As a normal person. Who on earth managed to spot her?

IT CAN'T LAST Briefly dull, then a mutant Olivia Newton John, right
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 4, 2014
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