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GO 2: How well do you know Star Wars?; Test your knowledge of the outer space saga with our fun quiz.

1. WHAT is the full title of the first Star Wars film?

2. WHO provided the distinctive, deep voice of Darth Vader?

3. WHAT is the name of the desert planet which appears in both Star Wars and The Phantom Menace?

4. IN which country were those desert scenes filmed?

5. WHEN was the first Star Wars film released?

6. WHAT was the original surname George Lucas came up with for Luke Skywalker?

7. WHAT was the name of Luke's boyhood friend and fellow rebel pilot who was filmed but cut out of the final edit of Star Wars?

8. WHAT is the name of the monster in the pit below Jabba the Hutt's throne in The Empire Strikes Back?

9. WHAT George Lucas film had Harrison Ford appeared in before Star Wars?

10. WHAT have Jedi sage Yoda and Miss Piggy got in common?

11. WHAT is the name of Yoda's home planet?

12. WHO plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy?

13. WHO composed the memorable music for Star Wars?

14. BEFORE The Phantom Menace, what was the last film George Lucas directed?

15. WHAT are the cuddly creatures who help Luke and co in Return of the Jedi?

16. WHAT'S the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia that we first discover in Return of the Jedi?

17. WHAT is the Sith?

18. HOW many Star Wars movies did George Lucas originally want to make?

19. ON what did Lucas base the character of the Wookie Chewbacca?

20. HOW tall is Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew?


1. Star Wars: A New Hope.

2. James Earl Jones.

3. Tatooine.

4. Tunisia.

5. 1977.

6. Starkiller.

7. Biggs Darklighter.

8. Rancor.

9. American Graffiti

10. The same vocal chords. They are both voiced by master puppeteer Frank Oz.

11. Dagobah.

12. Sir Alec Guinness.

13. John Williams.

14. Star Wars.

15. Ewoks.

16. They are brother and sister.

17. The dark side of the Force.

18. Nine.

19. His dog Indiana.

20. 7ft 2 in.
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