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GO: VIDEO: Splendid send-up is worth a watch.



Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (18).

CULT anti-heroes Jay and Silent Bob are no strangers to fans of films like Dogma, Clerks and Mallrats but now they get to star in their own movie - all about stopping a movie being made about them.

Foul language, drugs and bad taste merrily abound as writer, director and Silent Bob star Kevin Smith takes a naughtily wicked swipe at Hollywood.

Splendidly silly from start to finish, any movie that can boast Carrie Fisher as a nun, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in a remake of Good Will Hunting called Hunting Season and Star Wars actor Mark Hamill as a super-villain has to be worth watching.

All this and a shameless scene-stealing chimp as well. 3 STARS

Ghost World (15). Pitch black comedy adaptation of a cult comic book starring American Beauty's Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and the always watchable Steve Buscemi.

Enid and Rebecca are two misfit teenagers searching for a place in a world they've become bored and disillusioned with. They think they're far too cool to bother with the losers at school and have based their friendship on the fact that both of them think everything in America sucks!

Then Enid develops a fascination for a local oddball (Buscemi) - a record shop owner in a green cardigan - after a practical joke backfires.

Sophisticated and sharp comedy with excellent performances all round. 4 STARS.

Bandits (12). Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton are the bandits in question - a pair of bank robbers who embark on a crime spree after a daring jailbreak in a cement mixer.

But then frustrated housewife Kate (Cate Blanchett) arrives in their lives and threatens to split the pair apart.

Entertaining enough buddy movie, although Thornton manages to snaffle all the best lines and Willis might want to reconsider those dodgy hairpieces. 3 STARS.

D-Tox (18). What starts out as a promising thriller for action man Sly Stallone descends in to absolute rubbish after half an hour.

Sly is an FBI agent who hits the bottle in a big way after his girlfriend becomes the latest victim of a vicious serial killer.

But while drowning his sorrows at a remote rehab clinic, wouldn't you know it there's a blizzard that takes the power lines out effectively cutting them off.

Then the patients start turning up dead. Daft. 1 STAR.

Also available: Monsoon Wedding (15); Scary Movie 2 (18); On The Edge (PG).


A Knight's Tale (PG) pounds 12.99; Turn It Up (18) pounds 12.99; Disco Pigs (15) pounds 12.99; Stella (PG) pounds 15.99; Do You Wanna Be A Popstar? (E) pounds 12.99; The Simpsons: Backstage Pass (PG) pounds 14.99; Father Ted vol 4 (15) pounds 12.99; Dr Who: The Ambassadors of Death (12) pounds 12.99; Stargate SG-1 series 5 (PG) pounds 12.99 each.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2: The Secret of the Bell (U) pounds 15.99;

* Videos released for week beginning May 18.
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Date:May 17, 2002
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