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GO: VIDEO: Moore goes gunning for trigger-happy Americans.

Byline: Kerry Assinder

Bowling for Columbine (15)

ARE we a nation of gun nuts - or are we just plain nuts?, asks American Michael Moore as he embarks on his feature-length documentary.

The answer - which becomes apparent minutes into the film - is without a doubt "both".

In Bowling for Columbine Moore sets out to discover the reasons behind America's violent gun culture. Why are gun-related crimes so prevalent in the USA? And, more specifically, what led to the Columbine High School massacre?

The carnage wrought by two disaffected pupils in this Denver suburb, which saw 12 pupils and one teacher gunned down, stunned America, but, failed to bring about any real change in the country's attitude to gun control.

Moore bombards us with evidence of his country's gun craze - school kids who make napalm, middle-aged fanatics who sleep with .44s under their pillows and banks that give away rifles when you open an account.

A climax is reached with an interview with actor Charlton Heston, chairman of the National Rifle Association, who tries to justify holding two pro- gun rallies in towns that had recently experienced gun tragedies. Not surprisingly, he didn't have much to say on the subject.

This film will leave you speechless. Michael Moore powerfully gets his point across, but leaves you with no conclusion. There doesn't seem to be any solution to America's sick obsession with guns. You're left pondering "where will it all end?", and the possibilities are all depressingly endless.


The Good Girl (15) - Jennifer Aniston stars in this film about one woman's dreams of a life less ordinary - and I was hoping for a film less ordinary. But as I feared, 1 hours of mediocrity followed.

Justine Last (Aniston) works at the local Retail Rodeo, unhappily married to Phil (John C Reilly), who spends all his time with best buddy Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson) smoking pot and watching TV.

As life at work proves equally mundane, she is grateful when a handsome stranger, Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), arrives in town.

Holden, a frustrated writer living at home with his parents, embarks on an affair with Justine, but his passion soon turns into a disturbing obsession.

Bubba stumbles across the pair during one of their secret trysts and Rebecca finds herself caught in a web of lies.

Holden begins to lose his grip on reality and decides to take matters into his own hands. Justine realises it is time to choose between her dull but devoted husband, or her unpredictable and passionate lover.

This is a dull film, with a dull theme and very dull characters.

Jennifer Aniston proves that she is capable of playing a more serious character than in Friends. But the film is just not original or entertaining enough. What more can I say apart from "don't bother".


TO RENT Rabbit Proof Fence (U), Like Mike (PG), Swept Away (15).

TO BUY Inspector Gadget 2 (U), The Sweetest Thing (12).


TENACIOUS: Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine (15)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:May 9, 2003
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