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GO: THE LIMIT: A journey from past to future.

Byline: By Dayle Crutchlow

STARS of today, tomorrow and yesteryear all play Coventry this weekend - and there should be someone to please just about everyone.

The star of today is a Leeds-born denizen of north London, Skinnyman, aka Alex Holland. He has been labelled as the UK's Eminem and plays at the Colosseum, in Primrose Hill Street, tonight.

Back in 1999 when Skinnyman first met hip hop's biggest superstar it ended in an unexpected MC square-off which could have come straight out of the script for the Detroit rapper's debut movie Eight Mile.

Skinnyman was handed the microphone to pick up the pieces from what was by all accounts a sub-par performance from the US star in the making.

Never afraid to speak his mind, Skinnyman was quick to vent his own frustration in regards to Eminem's poor showing.

"I'm a big Eminem fan, man. He's witty, and he's got unbelievable punch lines," says Skinnyman when questioned about the incident. "But he didn't put on much of a show, so seeing as he made his name as a battler, I thought I would try him out. I can't remember everything I said, but I remember saying something about him having peroxide blond hair and an earring, and being camp, yet he was homophobic.

"I could see him off stage, I was looking at him while I was rapping, and I knew that he wouldn't respond to me."

AND then tomorrow the stars of tomorrow, The Black Velvets, take over the venue. In an era when rock music is back, and not the introspective stylings of grunge or the brattishness of nu metal, The Black Velvets are just what we've been waiting for. We're talking swaggering timeless rock here and not some retro-pantomime Darkness version either.

The Black Velvets are four lads from Liverpool with a shared love of everything from T-Rex to AC/DC to The Stone Roses to Guns 'n' Roses.

Their music is unashamedly big in sound and they produce simple yet classic tunes that if you are going to stick your neck out sound like Led Zep with melodies by The Beatles.

THE star of yesteryear is Spear of Destiny's Kirk Brandon, who makes another of his regular visits to Coventry tonight. The band play the Jailhouse, in Much Park Street.

Kirk's the only original member of the group but You'll Never Take Me Alive will always be a good song, Liberator will always bring back memories of Goth discos and Mickey will always be good for a singalong.


TOMORROW'S STARS: Black Velvet play the Colosseum tomorrow
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Date:Dec 10, 2004

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