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GM-Toyota settle with UAW.

The United Auto Workers settled with New United Motors Manufacturing Inc., a joint auto production venture of General Motors and Toyota Motor Corp. in Fremont, CA. United Motors, which produces a Nova subcompact vehicle for sale through GM's Chevrolet unit, originated early in 1983 and is located in a GM plant that had been shut down in 1982. There had been some conflict between the Auto Workers and United Motors over whether the union would represent the employees--the union had represented the plant's production workers when it was operated solely by GM--but New United Motors eventually accepted the union and the parties began the negotiations that resulted in the 3-year agreement.

United Workers Region 6 director Bruce Lee, who led the union bargaining team, said the contract "achieves our primary goal of insuring that the positive attitude and commitment [New United Motors] management expects from our members is matched by respect and attention to the needs and desires of the workers." One provision cited as "unprecedented" by the union requires New United Motors to take "affirmative measures," including reducing salaries of officers and management employees and return to the bargaining unit any work that had been contracted out before laying off UAW-represented employees.

The union said that an immediate pay raise of 28 to 40 cents an hour will result in rates of $13.28 for assemblers and $15.95 for top-rated skilled workers. These rates are slightly higher than at GM and Ford Motor Co. Other wage provisions include a provision for automatic quarterly cost-of-living adjustments matching that at the other companies, an immediate ratification bonus of $180, a lump-sum payment in the second year equal to 2.5 percent of the value of hours paid for in the preceding 12 months, followed by a similar 2.7-percent payment in the final year.

The 1,200 workers also will have a 30-minute paid lunch, a provision unique to the domestic industry, and the provision was made retroactive, resulting in lump-sum payments of about $500.

The contract also provided for--

* Joint committees to resolve problems resulting from employee inability to perform operations within allocated time.

* A joint committee to implement a comprehensive health and safety program.

* Joint consideration of the circumstances of any potential discharge or suspension of workers.

* Seniority to be the determining factor in transfers and reassignment, if other factors are equal.

* A total of 45 paid holidays over the term.
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Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Sep 1, 1985
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