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GM approves recycled resin. (Nonmettalics).

General Motors has approved the Vyteen PC135 recycled resin engineered by the Lavergne Group for its GNP.PC.018R specification, which has replaced the virgin specification GMP.PC.001.

According to the Lavergne Group, which is based in Ville d'Anjou, Quebec, Canada, Vyteen PC135 is created using post-consumer five-gallon polycarbonate water bottles. GM uses the regenerated polycarbonate resin to produce metalized taillamp assemblies. The Vyteen PC 135 is injection molded to produce the back frame of the GM taillights.

Lavergene reports that the Vyteen PC135, which contains more than 50 percent post-consumer polycarbonate, has an excellent balance of stiffness and impact resistance. The material offers high heat resistance as well.
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Title Annotation:General Motors approves Vyteen PC135
Comment:GM approves recycled resin. (Nonmettalics).(General Motors approves Vyteen PC135)
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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