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GM Plans To Enter Electric Vehicle Industry With Own Cars, Pickups.

GM recently confirmed its entry to the electric vehicle industry in its quarterly earnings call. As their first release, the company confirmed that it's looking to make electric vehicles and pickup trucks. Here's what we know about GM's new move.

According to ( Electrek , GM CEO Mary Barra said that the company is interested in creating an "all-electric future" as the company starts to make electric vehicles, including pickup trucks. However, Barra didn't mention any other details such as development timelines, release dates, and even the new vehicle's name. At best, we'll have to trust that they're going to make one soon.

Previously, the CEO noted that they're going to make an electric truck that's going to compete with Tesla's trucks. Currently, Tesla's progress on their trucks are still far from mass production. The Tesla Semi does have a few units out but the first batch of Semis are strictly for company use. Meanwhile, the futuristic ( Tesla "Blade Runner" pickup truck has yet to receive any new updates outside its "cyberpunk" design. GM is definitely in a position to overtake Tesla on the electric truck release and announcement.

Tesla is also busy with other releases and projects at the moment. The company is currently busy in completing their ( Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai which is said to help match the Tesla car demand in the region. Moreover, the first project expected in the Gigafactory is the Model 3 and not an electric pickup.

Aside from the factory, Tesla is also looking forward to release four Long Range variants of the Model Y, an electric crossover SUV later this year and its Standard Battery variant in early 2020. Potentially, Tesla might start talking about the Semi and their electric pickup truck after the Model Y's release.

For now, we'll have to wait if GM and Tesla will really have an electric truck competition soon. Aside from GM, other big vehicle companies like Ford and Daimler are also looking forward to join the competition. Similar to GM, both companies have yet to release an actual electric truck to the public to use.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:May 1, 2019
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