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 DETROIT, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued Oct. 19, 1993, by General Motors (NYSE: GM) regarding its filing of its response to the objections to the C/K pickup truck class action settlement. It may be attributed to Lee A. Schutzman, A GM attorney:
 The response we are filing today with the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia reaffirms our belief that the class action settlement is a good resolution for owners of 1973 to 1987 GM full-size C/K pickup trucks and should be approved by the court at the hearing on Oct. 26. GM has responded fully to the small number of vocal critics who have resorted to extreme distortions about the safety of these vehicles. The vast majority of C/K owners favor the settlement and well under 1 percent of nearly 6 million owners have submitted objections or elected to be excluded from the settlement.
 The vocal critics simply ignore the fact that General Motors has demonstrated to the Court and to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that 17 years of federal and state accident data establish that the C/K pickup trucks have provided excellent occupant protection in accidents. Thousands of owners have written to the court or called Chevrolet and GMC Truck Customer Assistance Centers, unsolicited, expressing support for the C/K pickup truck and the settlement. They represent the unheard majority who don't have or seek access to the media to express their views.
 We believe the Center for Auto Safety is desperately attempting to create an atmosphere of hysteria because it has no factual basis on which to block the settlement. The Center's objections to the class action settlement are irresponsible and would expose owners to unforeseen risks of undeveloped and untested so-called "fixes."
 In recent weeks, the Center for Auto Safety has tried to organize opposition to the settlement by encouraging class members to object to the settlement, attempting to organize truck parades around the courts, and writing to GM dealers to generate publicity for its unsuccessful attempts to force GM to recall the C/K pickups. This effort represents a desperate attempt by the Center to engage in rhetoric when its position is not supported by the facts. The Center's news release earlier this week to dealers was an example of efforts to mislead the public.
 Over the past seven months, GM has systematically and comprehensively refuted each concern described initially by NHTSA in its April 9 letter regarding the full-size C/K pickup trucks. In sharp contrast to the dramatic rhetoric of our critics, GM has proven with careful engineering and statistical analysis that there is no reasonable basis for concluding there is a safety-related defect in the fuel systems of these trucks.
 The data supporting our position has been a matter of public filings and has been reported widely in the media, but has been ignored by our critics. Relying on hard evidence, GM has been able to show:
 -- In a per-collision basis, the rate of post-collision fires
 for 1973-1987 C/K pickups is indistinguishable from the
 rates for full-size Ford and Dodge full-size pickups.
 -- Occupants of C/K pickups are not exposed to any
 statistically greater risk of injury or death in side
 collisions than are occupants of Ford and Dodge full-size
 -- C/K pickups provide statistically superior occupant
 protection in side collisions compared to the average
 passenger car or compact pickup truck.
 -- In side collisions, the rates of vehicles with fatal or
 major injury and a post-collision fire are comparable for
 C/K, Ford and Dodge full-size pickups, according to state
 -- The overall fatal and injury rate for 1973-1987 C/K
 pickups is no higher than the rates for competitive full-
 size pickups.
 The class action settlement now being considered by the Court provides real value to the many owners of pickup trucks that have provided millions of miles of service. Many owners have already told us they are awaiting the $1,000 Certificates so that they can purchase new light-duty GM trucks. The expectations of the class as a whole should not be thwarted by a tiny minority, the most vocal of which have special agendas not shared by the millions of owners of these vehicles.
 -0- 10/19/93
 /CONTACT: Ed Lechtzin of GM NAO Communications, 313-974-1582/

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